Fleming’s Steakhouse & Wine Bar.

Newport Coast's, Fashion Island

More than just another slab of Orange County meat

Who doesn’t love a good steak (I mean other than vegetarians) and an extensive collection of truly delicious wine?! There are few fine dining restaurants that have a menu both sophisticated and simple enough to appeal to most any palette. Fleming’s is that restaurant. Located at Newport Fashion Island, it is a lovely restaurant that offers both bone-in filets (a scrumptious and marbled filet that makes your mouth sink in and smile) and a wine list that will make your Sommelier alter-ego swirl and sip with glee. Yes, glee.

There are a few menu must-haves: Bone-in filet, Fleming’s potatoes – for those “not counting calories” days, baked potato (no, really, it’s AMAZING), wedge salad, calamari (trick is to order it EXTRA crispy), BBQ glazed salmon, crème brûlée, and the bread. Yes, the bread. Unfortunately, here is where I inform you I only drink red wine (sorry Chardonnay lovers). The selection of wine I have had the pleasure of indulging in while there: Belle Glos Pinot Noir, Justin Isosceles, Duckhorn Merlot, and Pride Cabernet. With over a hundred wines by the glass, Fleming’s offers a unique dining experience that gives you a reason to go out and an opportunity to enjoy a dinner worth your time (and money).

Written by Dawn Garcia