HB Art Walk – Derek McDonald

Derek McDonald Artworks

“I found this gumball base and I thought, what can I do with this?!”

Last night we decided to head down to Huntington Beach Art Walk. While it was a very small event, it was well worth the trip out to come across Artist, Derek McDonald. Derek was displaying his magnificent works that were ALL created using various metals and recycled materials. His art has movement and life, humor and charm, and a very cinematic-like quality. The real beauty of his pieces is that every single piece is touchable – meaning they require some interaction and play. More importantly, every piece has a story (which as you know is my favorite part!).


I will be doing a full feature on Derek and his Artworks, but for now, this “Quick Tidbit” is devoted to getting a glimpse of some of the the beautiful (and fun) work he creates:


FRED: A Robot with heart and hollow

FRED is selling for $700 + S/H

VIVIAN is my personal choice. She is FANTASTIC! Her base is a gumball machine bottom!

VIVIAN is selling for $250 + S/H

LUCY is a little caterpillar with happiness in her face and utility in her movements.

LUCY is selling for $260 + S/H

For more information, contact Derek at info@derekmcdonaldartworks.com