Ariccia Market – La Jolla

Mangiare per vivere e non vivere per mangiare – Italian proverb

Translation: Eat to live and not live to eat.

While the Market has not officially launched, Owners Robert Pascucci and Stephanie Savchuk asked me to write their “About Us” section for the website. It is worth sharing and I have no doubt this will be a Southern California Landmark Market for certain. Their story is both beautiful and fun, their vision is utterly inventive, and the authenticity it will bring to not only La Jolla but Southern California is what makes it, in my opinion, superb.


“About Ariccia Italian Market”

The story of the Arricia Market must first be told by taking you back to where the name originated: Italy. In a Provence of Rome, located in the Alban Hills, exists an exquisite town known as Arricia. Ariccia is located in the regional park known as the “Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani.” A part of Central Italy, this is a city that bouts not only breathtaking landscapes but also insatiable fare.  Ariccia is also the origin of one of the most tantalizing meats, Porchetta, which is a savory, fatty, and moist boneless pork roast of Italian culinary tradition. The story, however, only begins there.

Ariccia is a concept meant to intrigue everyone’s taste buds, inspire meals to enjoy at home, and offer food and ingredients you can’t help but love. Ariccia is a Market for those who want to prepare a family dinner without spending hours prepping; those with a curiosity to experience truly authentic pastas, sauces, meats, and cheeses; those who are professional Chefs; and those searching for a Market that is accessible, personal, and memorable. This is a perfectly wonderful addition to La Jolla and both Robert and Stephanie are honored – and thrilled – to have created a place everyone can enjoy. With décor that is a seamless blend of Modern and Traditional, from the moment you walk in, you will notice that there isn’t a corner of the Market that doesn’t have a thoughtful display. From the olive oil chandelier – to fresh brewed coffee – right down to the Sea Urchin Pasta, you will find everything you need at Ariccia.

With a sense of both old and new, La Jolla seems the perfect home for Ariccia Italian Market. A city that has a wonderful, airy, exploratory, colorful, vibrant feel that is reminiscent of a Mediterranean city, Ariccia will reside in what is lovingly referred to as the “Gem” of the Southern California Coast.


“About the Founders”

Introduced over dining, Robert Pascucci and Stephanie Savchuk knew from early on that their passion for one another, as well as food, dining, and creating, would extend into every arena of their lives. As Stephanie and Robert continued to develop their love of food, they explored a plethora of restaurants and markets throughout La Jolla and the surrounding cities. As Robert and Stephanie continued their culinary exploration, they found that each forum had something unique to offer and each one encompassed components they wanted to expand upon. They noticed that there wasn’t a Market in the neighborhood that offered a one-stop-shop and instead found they would have to visit 2, sometimes 3 or 4 different Markets to get all of the ingredients for a single meal.  And then – then it hit them. Why not open a Market that offers everything a family, chef, or appreciator of good food may need in ONE stop? And so an idea was born: Ariccia Market. Much like La Jolla, Ariccia will offer a sense of culture, an eclectic array of fare, a mix of tradition, and unique ambiance. In the spirit of Italy, a combination of family, tradition, and culinary progression, this Market was founded on the idea that authenticity and customer service matter.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts into a family of men that cooked, Robert was introduced to a world of home-cooked Italian cuisine that, while seemingly simple, was anything but. To this day, he has tried mirroring his grandfather’s pizza recipe. A pizza he recalls, “ That was so good, so simple, I can still taste it – and the last time I had it I was 6!” When Robert speaks about food, ingredients, and eating, it is with so much passion and heart it is no surprise he wants to create pastas and sauces that will allow him to share these wonders with his “Ariccia Family”. To him, a Market should be a place where you go to and people know what you like and remember who you are. “Just like in Italy, we wanted to create a place that had that warmth of nearly every local shop but with a touch of modern appeal to allow us the flexibility to introduce customers to something entirely unique like sea urchin pasta.”

Born in Ukraine, Stephanie grew up with a keen sense of taste, a highly developed palate, and a desire to experiment in the kitchen. Encouraged, she learned to cook for herself at the age of 13. She loved the idea of utilizing fresh ingredients and has since become familiar with an impressive array of global fare. Knowing as a young girl that she loved everything that fare represents, it was no wonder her love of cooking has evolved into something extraordinary. A beautiful surprise about Stephanie is that she makes some of the most delicious Macarons on earth! She has great range and vision when trying out new recipes and has, while being talented at an array of things, found a way to master baked goods. That said, Stephanie is passionate about not only food, but art as well. She is an accomplished painter and artist and her work will be on display (and for sale) at Ariccia.

Brought together by a love of food and a passion for sharing it, Robert and Stephanie are proud to bring you Ariccia Italian Market.

Thank you for becoming a part of the Ariccia Family.


Their menu will include:

Fresh Pasta
All pasta is made in-house with fresh eggs

Thick Spaghetti




Tagliatelle (seppia)

Tagliolini (seppia)



Ricotta Cavatelli

Agnolotti (seasonal vegetable)

Agnolotti (meat)

Agnolotti (ricotta)


Our meats come from local producers and imported from Spain and Italy

Prosciutto di Parma (imported)

Prosciutto Americana (La Quercia Farms)

Jamon Iberico (imported)

Coppa (La Quercia Farms)

Lardo (La Quercia Farms)

Guanicale (La Quercia Farms)

Lonza (La Quercia Farms)

Pancetta (La Quercia Farms)

Speck (La Quercia Farms)

Bacon (Nueske)

Bacon (Local producer)

Porchetta (Local producer)

Porchetta di Testa (local producer)


All cheeses are sourced from the Anita cheese company located in San Diego, CA


Pecorino Romano

Pecorino di Fossa


Vento D’Estate


Baita Friuli



Castel Rosso


Mozzarella di Bufala (fresh)

Mozzarella (fresh)

Burrata (fresh)


Coach Farm Triple Cream

Ricotta (fresh)

Ricotta (smoked)




Dessert & Pastries
Our dessert and pastries are sourced from local vendors in the San Diego area





Panna Cotta



All our Panini are made using Charcuterie carried in-house. They are available pressed or cold and will change seasonally.

Porchetta/Balasmaic Onions/Arugula

Burrata/Slow Roasted Tomato/Arugula


Launch date is expected to be Spring 2012.

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