Austin Edition Part 2

Austin: Part 2 | Art, Wine, Fare, Music

“Austin is flooded with food you only thought existed in your culinary imagination. Oh yes, you will be fed and you will be happy.”

Austin is slowly seeping into me. I’m with the tour guide that I would describe as le creme de la creme o le vivre.


Aviary Decor | 2110 South Lamar Boulevard  Austin, TX 78704

Take another detour to my new favorite creative hub and then go on one adventurous stop after another. You can read all about this spot by visiting “Austin: Day 1”



Grove Wine Bar | Lola Savannah | 6317 Bee Cave Rd., Austin, TX, 78746 | tel 512.327.8822

A restaurant, a market, a wine bar, a full bar, home of gluten-free “fire-in-the-hole” pizza, charcuterie that serves gluten-free crackers, AND amazing owners and staff? Wait, can this be? Why yes. Yes it can. In fact, the Grove is one truly genuine stop on the Austin circuit. Crowded every second of every day with loyal customers, Benny the incredible bartender, Chrissy Reid the Manager, a slew of art provided by Artist Carlos Ortiz – placed strategically on the vacant walls, Benny the Bartender that is the greatest bartender around who every local knows and loves, the rows and rows of wine to purchase AND sip – this is such a fab culmination of just about everything. Here is precisely what my insatiable appetite devoured:


1 Gluten-Free “Fire-in-the-Hole” Pizza’s (Tyson style) | Applewood Bacon, Caramelized Onions, Goat Cheese, banana peppers, jalapeno, sauce, mozzarella, and garlic

1 GlutenFree Pizza – Margarita | Basil, roma tomatoes, sauce, mozzarella, garlic

Mussels | 10 steamed with white wine, garlic, lemon and basil

Cheese Plate with Gluten-Free Rice Crackers | a selection of five cheeses served with fruit chutney,honey, assorted olives, nuts and other goodness

Drinks: Lirac | Top Shelf Pinot Noir | Novy Syrah | Badenhorst | Clos Siete

“We created this place for you to kick back and relax. The food is prepared from scratch using organic produce when possible and our wine philosophy is simple—trust your taste. Don’t worry about what the wine critics have to say. If you like it, then it’s all good.” – Cheers! Beth, Reed and Matt

That is exactly what they’ve done. Well done Beth, Reed, and Matt!


Mozart Coffee Roasters | 3825 Lake Austin Blvd | Austin, TX 78703 | Tel: (512) 477-2900

Situated on Lake Austin in the still of night, this was an after hours stop that really hit the spot. A nonfat latte made with 2 raw sugars (my favorite) and a chocolate dipped macaroon that was sugary, buttery, coconutty goodness! (Probably my entire caloric intake in one bite!)

“Located at Lake Austin, Mozart’s Coffee Roasters offers the finest gourmet coffees from around the world, uniquely flame roasted by our roastmaster on site, every 48 hours. Our rich menu features the most delicious desserts baked at our on-site bakery.

Mozart’s provides a European style atmosphere with extraordinary lake views overlooking the hills on Lake Austin. Mozart’s is the perfect destination to entertain your out-of-town guests, hold a business meeting or just people watch, perhaps sitting at our poplular outdoor patio. Our wireless internet services are complementary.

From every Thursday through Sunday you can enjoy live music at our outdoor deck, surrounded by huge oak trees, overlooking the tranquil and scenic Lake Austin.”


Rattle Inn | 610 Nueces Street  | Austin, TX 78701 |

There to meet dear friends (and family!), we arrived to listen to some good music, have enlivening conversation, and indulge in some fun cocktails. I jump on board and go for the Prickly Pear – no hair of the dog but tasty and fresh. Owned by Kevin Williamson, Chef/Owner of Star Bar and Ranch 616, this is a brand new bar and venue and I look forward to seeing evolve. I will say the outdoor seating both upstairs and out front are fantastic spaces for entertaining, drinking with friends, and eating some fun bar food. The decor is rustic and inviting and will no doubt intrigue some unique local bands, but would also be a great place for bands looking to perform in a more Indie environment to come and perform to an eclectic audience. The location is off of 6th Street.