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Much like the fun and sweet comic book characters, Archie & Veronica, there is a girl named Krista Thompson that created a sweet confection that takes you back to days of ole. With a gourmet feel and a campy spark of retro, Dolly’s is nothing short of sugar-spun fun. I first came across Dolly’s at Sunday Funday at Rancho Las Lomas. Dressed in a cute white apron, pink shirt, and black shorts standing gleefully behind a very pink cart was Krista. The love she has for what she does is apparent from the jolly spirit she oozes to the sweet scent of sugary goodness you can’t help but be drawn to. She is just like her creations: Sweet and Fun.


Every flavor of cotton candy has an immense explosion of taste. Incorporating elements of fruit off of the trees to the playful concoctions of childhood memories, Dolly’s Sweet Dreams Cotton Candy will give you the happy dose of nostalgia you’ve hoped for. Not only is the presentation of her cotton candy unique, but the limitless options of just “how” to have your cotton candy is what makes this stand out.


First, let’s talk about the cotton candy itself. There are two flavors, “Classic” and “Organic”. Each creation is made with your health in mind. No, really! With the continual influx of information about refined sugars, Dolly’s ensures that every flavor is void of the chemicals and additives that aren’t good for you. (That’s the kind of of sweet tooth consciousness I can appreciate!)


Both Classic and Organic have a unique process. Krista describes each as: Classic flavors are “vividized” so colors are bright and tasty. Perfect for matching to your theme or favorite color. Using only commercial grade cotton candy floss, the color concentrations don’t exceed the limitations implemented by Food & Drug Administration’s GMP Directives. The organic flavors are 100% Organic. The flavors are made from organic cane sugar and is a healthy alternative to refined sugar. It contains no additives or food coloring dyes and is grown under strict organic guidelines.


Now onto the flavors I’ve had the pleasure of trying:


Classic Blue Raspberry

Like the blue raspberry Icee’s enjoyed as a child, this little blue bundle is so packed with traces of tartness and sugary sweetness, I’m amazed. This is a truly adventurous flavor that will please your palate. | COLOR: a bright turquoise blue.

Organic Apricot

I don’t know how she does it but Krista has managed to put the culmination of a freshly picked apricot into strands of cotton candy. This is not short on flavor and is explosive in the delicate burst of apricot that lands in your mouth with cloud-like bliss. | COLOR: a peachy soft orange.

Classic Sizzling Lemon

A cross between a lemon meringue pie and a lemonhead, this one is like take a cue from grandma’s pies. Abundant in the balance of both lemon and sweet, this is a throw back to happiness. | COLOR: A beautiful bright yellow.

Classic Sassy Apple

Like biting into a sweet and sour apple, this flavor is utterly divine. Remnant of the Sour Apple Jolly Rancher, this cotton candy blend is big on taste and even bigger on fun! | COLOR: A bright, happy candy apple green.



Banana | Pink Vanilla | Blue Raspberry | Sizzling Lemon | Orange Crush | Watermelon | Very Cherry | Berry | Sassy Apple | Grape | Strawberry


Second: Dolly’s also offers candy apples. Apples that are fresh, natural, and free of artificial, well – everything. You can even personalize the apples themselves by having each one specially wrapped.

“Start with fresh Washington State Granny Smith apples and all natural ingredients. Using a family recipe, the ingredients are slow cooked in deep copper kettles to create a velvety smooth texture and an old fashioned buttery taste. No preservatives, artificial flavoring,
or artificial colorings are used in these premium caramel apples.”



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Where did your passion for food begin?

My passion for food is that I have a passion for many sweets and candy! Ever since I was young I have always loved all types of candy and desserts.


What enticed you to incorporate the subtle art of cotton candy and implement such an array of flavor?

When I started to research cotton candy (my favorite treat!) I realized the endless amount of possibilities in incorporating different flavors, especially those of my favorite candies.


What is your absolute favorite thing to make?

I come from a long line of great cooks in my family so I have been lucky to enjoy great meals my whole life. Growing up I always loved baking along side my grandmother and mother. I do not cook regularly on my own however I still love baking with my mom.


When you’re at home, what is your guilty pleasure?

Recently it has been Pinterest. It is so addicting to look at great photographs, decor, inspiring quotes and DIY ideas.


If you were asked to make one meal or dessert to appeal to everyone for an important dinner, what would it be and why?

I love the versatility of homemade pizzas and a great salad. It is a simple food that everybody loves and the endless amounts of toppings can appeal to all tastes. I enjoy not only the end result of a meal but also the experience of family and friends gathering together in the kitchen.


How did the concept of Dolly’s Sweet Dreams Cotton Candy Catering arise?

My company has been the culmination of everything that I have loved and collected my whole life. From the signage to the decor, my company is truly a reflection of all of my character and traits. I am so grateful that I had the strength and support to break away from a tradition job to follow my dream and do something that I love.


What city would you most want to visit to indulge in culinary-wise?

I would love to go to Taipei in Japan to the Hello Kitty Sweets store. I have always been a huge Hello Kitty fan from the characters to the product packaging. I would love to experience the candy in a different culture.


What is your favorite cocktail? Favorite wine? Favorite Beer? (If you have one!)

I love Veuve Clicquot champagne however I mostly drink Prosecco! I love the pop of the bottle, crisp taste and sight of bubbles. It invokes the fun feeling of celebration.


What is your favorite smell?

You would think that I would get tired of it, however I love the smell of fresh spun cotton candy. It is a such a sweet yet not over powering smell. Whenever I turn on my machine I love seeing people around me smile when they recognize that reminiscence aroma.


What do your co-workers call you? (Maybe someone you work closely with? Provide their title if it applies)

I do not have any co-workers yet however I look forward to that day!


What is your vision for Dolly’s Cotton Candy?

My goal is to grow Dolly’s Cotton Candy to service more locations statewide and to have nationwide sales of my product in stores. I am in the process of adding additional services that suit my customers needs while maintaining my branding and style. I want everything that I offer to have the highest quality ingredients and packaging.


If you could go back in time and share your cotton candy with any one person, who would it be and why?

I guess that I could have benefited most from sharing it will Willy Wonka if he was a real person! I cannot think of anyone in particular however I would have liked to share it with someone that could have used some happiness and a smile.


Since I sense a bit of nostalgia, what pin-up model would you want to meet, past or present?

Geraldine Hoff, the poster girl for Rosie the Riveter. I had the “We Can Do It” poster in my room growing up and I love the message of being a lady and working hard!

(Me too, Krista! – ATOD)

My Sweet Dream by Krista Thompson (Bio)

Every night before I would go to bed, I always looked forward to my parents tucking me into bed and wishing me “Sweet Dreams”. Dolly’s Sweet Dreams Cotton Candy is about not waiting until you go to bed to dream but creating dreams during your special day.

With a lifelong love for the arts and a degree in design, no detail was left untouched in designing my Deluxe Dream Cart which was made with love in the U.S.A. These skills are anxiously waiting to decorate my cart with your event theme decor, create your custom cones, and fresh spun personalized cotton candy party favors. With 6 years experience as an Executive Account Executive for Fortune 500 companies, I bring the same level of management, energy & professionalism (with a smile) to every event.


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