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“The trigger is not what we see on the screen but the feeling it produces …

The frames, so tender, so raw, reveal the eyes behind the lens. It captivates us and guides us and soon, before long, we feel precisely what they’ve asked us to. This is the beauty of photography – of cinema.”

– Dawn Garcia, Project Yellow House

Photograph by Kenny Yung



Photography is a world that envelops soul and passion. A world caught through the lens of an artist willing to put aside ego, subjectivity, and fear – trusting that the truth – the story – will unfold as it should. In a million moments, it is merely one that can change our lives forever.

While I work on the interviews, I’d like to give you a sneak peak into the three Photographers I will be profiling this month. Each has a way of seeing the world – seeing humanity – in a way that transcends space and time and instead taps into the very core of all we are. I have watched as of their work evolves; their souls emitted through each photograph, each image, every moment they capture, and have seen as they invite the rest of us to see the world as they do.

Martin Iman | Pierre Pallez | Michal Josephy


Martin Iman

Somehow able to find the strength, beauty, essence, and sensual fragility of a woman…

Lives in Bratislava, Slovakia





Pierre Pallez

Always seeing the world through hope and it’s possibilities…


Living in Basel, Switzerland





Michal Josephy

Telling the story of the world with truth and conviction…