March Art Walk: 1st Thursday Laguna Beach

Art is subjective but in every piece of something created exists a soul. We live and breathe in a world that exists through technology and an all too fast-paced notion that to stop and admire would be – well, too time consuming. I was invited to an event tonight and went to Laguna Beach where I met 5 incredibly wonderful Artists.

Tonight I met artists of an array of talents and creative mediums – each with their own strengths and stories.

Daniel is an artist who finds his creative vigor from music – music that cultivates an idea, an image, and inevitably a beautiful piece of art painted on an old vinyl record. Each piece from his Frank Zappa to The Beatles to Miles David all resonate in such a way, you feel soul creeping into you.


Meet the Artists

1st Thursday’s Art Walk @ Blue Laguna

696 S. Coast Hwy w Thursday, March 1st



Daniel Edlen

Featured as the 1st FEATURED ARTIST, Daniel is a rare breed in the Art World.


Daniel Edlen studied art from an early age at the Brentwood Art Center. He later received his bachelor’s degree from UCLA. Combining his education with his love of music, he came up with Vinyl Art, hand-painted portraiture on vinyl records. After sharing his art internationally in group shows, Edlen recently has had solo shows in New York and Los Angeles. Edlen’s artwork was commissioned by the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida for their high-end suites. The Music Preservation Project in Santa Barbara, California has also added pieces to its collection. Edlen has worked extensively with both the David Lynch Foundation and VH1 to help support the arts and humanity. His artwork continues to be solicited by large corporations that cater to the music industry and its audience.  He is traveling to Las Vegas tomorrow for a show featuring his artwork.  This is Daniel’s first time showing at Blue Laguna’s Art Walk event.


Elaina Soto

“Beija-Flor” -11×15 Painted on Wood – 3 Originals | Print $150


Born May 19 1983, Elaina was instantly an aspiring artist. As like most children, sketching and painting was an enjoyed past time. But to others it was already becoming apparent that this was more than just a past time for Elaina. By her early teens, her work indeed became more than a past time. It was beginning to become her release, her therapy. She would use her sketches and artwork to relay her emotional and spiritual disposition. This is clearly relevant from merely browsing her years of work. In her early work she used the negativity of adolescence and growing up with a single parent to produce some amazing art, as her style was always a reflection of her own self portrait.  Now, a full time graphic artist/designer, Elaina’s world is consumed by any and all things creative. She has matured as an artist and uses the positive along with the negative to channel her emotions into her work.  No creative art of hers is ever finished until there is a piece of her heart and emotion tied to it. That is what makes her art so striking and so involved.  This is Elaina’s first time exhibiting at Blue Laguna’s Art Walk Event.



Tony Marshall

Tony has been an avid painter since 1968. He was born in a small mining village, called Loscoe, in the Derbyshire countryside of England. As the eighth of nine children to a mom, who was widowed when he was aged six, found it very hard to pursue his artistic desires and he would dream of finding a way to express his passion for drawing and painting. At school, he was encouraged to further his interest and ultimately found time to expand his horizons at college and through international travel.

Exposure to various forms of art and a deep appreciation for all the great help and encouragement from others, he was inspired to further his craft with additional studies in England, Spain, Italy and France. He has been constantly developing and refining his style and has found a great comfort level with modern American style impressionism.

As a local to Laguna Beach, CA., he loves to donate back to the community with every painting he produces and sells. He likes to give back to the mentally and physically less abled and the homeless charities. He is open minded to contribute to any beneficial cause.  This is Tony’s first time exhibiting at Blue Laguna’s Art Walk Event.


Isabella McGrath


Isabella has been working with x-ray photography for over a decade. Isabella has also made abstract paintings, quilts, taken countless photographs, and made numerous printmaking editions. Her paintings that are displayed on the website were painted at different times and of subject matter. However, they all share bright, vibrant color. The colors and shapes come from within Isabella and reflect her inner world.  Along with painting and photography, Isabella is also greatly interested in architecture.

Isabella lives in the Orange County – Los Angeles area. Originally from Chicago, Isabella attended Columbia College Chicago for two years and studied painting and photography. After that, she moved to Orange County and finished her BFA in Studio Art at Chapman University in Orange, California in 2008. In 2011, Isabella earned a BA in Art History at Chapman, writing a thesis on  This is Isabella’s second time exhibiting at Blue Laguna’s Art Walk Event.


Jesus E Villegas

Jesus’s brightly-colored creations are well-recognizable.  He merges contemporary urban-influences with the visual aesthetics of Aztec and Mexican culture.  His artwork is often surreal, and yet the historical and cultural roots remain vividly apparent.  For Jesus, no media is off the table.  His constant experimentation with materials keeps his collections, and his mind, fresh and ever renewed.  This is Jesus’s second time exhibiting at Blue Laguna’s Art Walk event. struggle