Cayucos Pier View Suites

Cayucos Pier View Suites

12 North Ocean Avenue | Cayucos, CA 93430 | (805) 995-0014

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Cayucos is a city along the Central Coast that is small and inviting to those who want some peace and solitude with a dash of beautiful. I needed to get away with my Chef and Creative Busines Partner, Andrées Dangond, to do some R & D and to discover properties that could potentially house our private dinners that had the space and appeal AND a full kitchen (Photos of some of the Creations we enjoyed are at the end of this post). And so the search began and after a few emails, one Hotel replied almost immediately. Pier View Suites. It wasn’t really a hotel though I think we were both under the impression that it was. It’s more like a vacation rental. While it serves the purpose we were hoping for a hotel-like atmosphere with waters, snacks available for purchase, fresh coffee, etc. That said, Pier View Suites is clean and well maintained and the staff was beyond kind.

Before I get into the critique, I do want to say that for families traveling wanting a more “apartment” like feel, these suites do the trick. There are some issues that present a bit of a problem for those wanting a quiet escape (at least in the room we stayed in) and on off days when the heat is relentless, there is no A/C but the scene across the street is the ocean. At night you are lulled by the sound of crashing waves. So now on to the critique.


Upon entry, it is alluring and quaint and so incredibly clean. The rooms, when you enter are uttering zen in every way. We are staying in the Executive Suite with a full kitchen and 2 bedrooms and bathrooms. It’s clean and there is ample storage, a fully stocked kitchen with pots and pans, dishes, stemware, wine opener, silverware, and all of the bathroom essentials. With the body line of Fig + Olive, a full refrigerator, plenty of towels, and the like. The living room is decorated with couches, a full dining table, a flat screen, a desk, with Eastern influence spread throughout. The 2 bedroom suite however is missing two crucial elements: The mystique of “normal” lighting and instead opted for hospital lighting in room 1 and the “see-all” open shower in room 2. Yes, it’s amazing but they didn’t account for peeping tom’s across the way. The windows are wide open, the rooms yes – they are beautiful and pristine. They are lacking the functionality that is so essential to every hotel – or suite. The bathroom is my favorite part but no bath and the shower, so open, forces you to have to close the door – and the windows. If they had designed it more like some of the sophisticated suites, the outer glass would be frosted. Guests have no privacy in this room (or in the actual washroom) because of the layout and see-through glass in every direction which is an unfortunate side effect. It’s lovely basin and careful layout is appreciated but those little things make all the difference.

In the Executive Suite, you are located directly above a Coffee House. A Coffee House that begins “prep” at 5 o’clock in the morning and has tables and chairs right outside your window – so this is not the place to stay in if you want to sleep in. It is worth mentioning that there are a number of suites and options to fit most anyone’s needs for space. Downstairs there is a fire table, tables, and a barbecue.


All in all the things I would have liked to see here is a store – and have gotten the promised bottle of wine upon check-in (we never did get any of that). There should always be bottled water and basic necessities on site. The entire weekend we were given 2 small bottles of water. There was no breakfast or coffee. I do think it should present itself not as a hotel but rather a vacation rental with a clear indicator that there is no on-site store, ice maker, or vending machine. While I know there are a lot of little things that would bode well in improving, it is still a lovely place to stay. Much like a cabin rental, it’s a great place to have a family get together or plan a trip with a bunch of friends. Thanks to the staff at Cayucos Pier View Suites for the generosity and for asking for a completely honest review … I would love to return to experience that top floor room! That big balcony, beautiful patio decor and privacy are most appealing and I know it wasn’t available this time around but you can be sure I will return.

In the area there are Wine Bars, a Saloon (oh I’m not kidding), a Coffee House, and local businesses. The ocean is absolutely gorgeous and a perfect retreat for a leisurely stroll.

*As an added element, they give each guest a Beta Fish. It’s a temporary “pet”.

R & D – Chef and Editor


Homemade Corn Pops

The Strawberry Forest

Chef introducing me to Beef Tongue

The Beautiful Masterpiece: Beef Tongue with Fig

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