Rudy Vogel

The Queen Of The Solarian Empire

iPhoneographer – n. A Person creating photography and art utilizing the mobile technology of Apple’s iPhones.

adj. someone who takes a simple piece of technology and transforms into a work of mobile art.

Rudy N. Vogel, iPhoneographer is an innovator of utilizing technology for art. Having myself become obsessed with taking photos with my iPhone, I found the evolving movement of a new genre of photographers rather fascinating and certainly worth introducing.

Most everyone in the modern world knows (or owns) an iPhone. There is a growing phenomena of talented individuals who take the truly unmatched 8mpx iPhone cameras and with the aid of some highly evolved Mobile Apps take ordinary images and turn them into art. While it’s impossible to fall in love with every work created, the fact that Rudy Vogel has created so much work that has gotten the attention of many is compelling. His sheer devotion to exploring every avenue of this newly astounding field is one that makes him the 1st iPhoneographer I interview. He contacted me via Facebook – my favorite platform for discovering artists and photographers – and asked me to look at some of the work he was producing using only his iPhone. Naturally, I wasn’t sure what to expect but upon seeing a few standout pieces realized it was amazing what he was able to do by manipulating technology and utilizing the groundbreaking mobile apps available today. With a background in computer science and a zest for the brightness in life, his work is not only interesting but often makes you wonder, what is that?!

This is a new and emerging field of creativity and I look forward to seeing where it will lead.

Rudy’s Work: iPhoneist | Official Site












In addition here are two recent bits of news from Rudy Vogel:

1. Over the week (August 18 -25, 2012) over 2,000 art enthusiasts the world over descended upon Santa Monica. It was a landmark event – the largest celebration of iPhoneography art ever!

2. Only 225 iPhoneography artists from around the world were chosen to display their art. Artists were asked to supply submissions. I, on the other hand, was pursued by the organizers to be part of the festival and we, together chose the pieces that were displayed at the event. My 4 pieces utilized a cutting-edge printing process whereby each piece was printed on aluminum sheets. I also had a dozen of my images shown on displays.

3. 550 pieces of art were shown at the Santa Monica Art Studios. Of those, only 68 were sold – one of those was mine (i.e., “Do Androids Ponder Existence?”). I have had several other inquiries as well from the event.


Rudy’s Bio in his own words

I think of myself as a ‘Renaissance Man’: schooled in several disciplines and a practitioner of commerce, computer science and, most recently my Digital Art, which I have perfected over the last ten years. I have traveled the world on business and have thereby inculcated the exotic tastes, colors, and aromas of foreign lands from the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Caribbean into my work. Having grown and traveled with my father who was in the fashion business, I learned some of his craft through osmosis and instinctively portray some hints of textile, fabrics, lines and curves into my art. I have been a photographer since my youth and my eye has thereby been trained to inherently identify interesting patterns, shadows & highlights and composition in virtually every image I see. I bring these experiences to my art through the use of my computer and the software I have developed to create my unique form of art; and, more recently, the work I create exclusively with my iPhone4. Simply put, my art is atypical. No fractals, composites or ‘green screens’ are used; just layered, earthy textures, vibrant colors that coax the spectrum into refraction, architectural lines that lead the eye into space and, lights within shadows. This is how I build my work, one pixelized brick at a time.


I have had several private and public showings and my pieces have already worked their way into private collections. My work has been shown at various exhibitions and galleries around the world, including: The Annual Munson Massachusetts Spring Art Show; GaleriaZero, Barcelona, Spain & in Chelsea, London; The Forbes Galleries & The SOHO Gallery for Digital Art, New York, NY; The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art and, The Giorgi Gallery, in California; and, The Lunch Box Gallery, Miami Beach. Much of my recent work can be viewed at the premiere iPhonegraphic Art Collective in the world, Pixels At An Exhibition, with the url:


Museum quality prints of some of my work are for viewing and sale at Prices are listed.

Below is a glimse of more of Rudy’s iPhoneography that I found to be intriguing:

Is It Heaven Or Is It Hell?


Frozen Ghosts

City Slammer’s Dream

“Quaeritur Publica”

A Romanesque Ruse

Legend Of The Akashi Herons