2016 Earth Day Food Wine

2016 Earth Day Food & Wine

by Dawn Garcia | PHOTOS by Tram Tran + Arthur Yang


Invited to celebrate the conservation of our gorgeous planet thats ‘s desperate need of our attention, we headed to the Central Coast of California for the Earth Day Food & Wine Festival. Plentiful in culinary bites, it was the authentic array of wines present that really opened our eyes. California is a state that values sustainability, locally sourced products, and viticulturists that aim to continually make beautiful, complex wines that continue to win winemaking awards. We are a state conscious of our environment with legislature that continues to support and uphold our ever growing need to reverse the overuse of our resources. Located amidst the backdrop of the grapevines of San Luis Obispo, the subtle drops of the ocean air that geeked their way through the endless hillsides and onto Castoro Cellars where white tents awaited us.

Highlights included Flora & Fauna Fine Food (their Korean-Inspired Fried Bee Wench Farms Chicken with a Soy Sesame Glaze would rival any Award Winning restaurant’s), J. Lohr’s Cuvée, the TESLA Model S, and far too many wines and brews to count. (You can check back this Fall for our YouTube Video of the Event!) The devotion to responsible living was ever apparent during the event when designated volunteers were tasked with making certain the recyclables were in their respective containers, and they did an incredible job!

The thing is, we take our planet seriously. We have to. Our children deserve to live in a world that is respectful of it’s resources and thoughtful in it’s replenishment. As we continue to see the natural resources we need dwindle away or change in composition, not for the better, it’s critical that we raise awareness on what we need to do to reverse the effects. The Earth Day Food & Wine Festival may give way to our gluttonous nature but not without a message. A message that doesn’t get lost in the crowd …

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Earth Day Food & Wine  delivers a top quality food and wine experience paired with a casual, low-key atmosphere, all while celebrating the passionate people behind a sustainable food movement. Event proceeds benefit educational scholarships for relatives of farmworkers and Spanish education programs of the Vineyard Team.

We believe that farmers are the center of an environmentally and socially conscious food culture.

For ten years we’ve set the bar for top quality food and wine experiences, with the added bonus of celebrating a sustainable food culture. From twenty-somethings to seventy-somethings, we’re proud to connect like minded folks all for the greater good.

Borne from the desire to share sustainable wine and food with hungry eaters and caring connoisseurs, Earth Day Food and Wine has become the acclaimed culinary experience of the season. Forget the carrot sticks—our chefs, farmers and winemakers are serving up sustainable fare that dares to be delicious.