2016 LA Art Show

2016 LA Art Show

This year’s LA Art Show celebrated some truly incredible pieces of art as well as raising money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.
photos by Ben Shani© ATOD Magazine
by Dawn Garcia
The LA Art Show has refined its focus to bring a freshly curated fair for its 21st edition.


This year exemplified the vast array of change happening within the art world. With a far broader spectrum now occupying the space of art, this year welcomed a new generation of young art purveyors and that’s exciting. With an onslaught of new young artists, especially in contemporary art, it seems art lovers and savants around the world are getting a creative treat. The show welcomed first time artists from Cuba, Korea and beyond. To see the freedom of expression so beautifully displayed speaks volumes to the creative oppression that bound these artists for far too long.


The socially responsive pieces to the bold statements, including the live exhibition, “Way of the Modern Man” by Jana Cruder, opened the door to much more enlightened conversation. The one continuous theme was the need to express ourselves and hang on to the things that bind us together. While technology has taken over our lives, the resurgence of art reaching the surface is something to celebrate. Contemporary Art has revisited the days of Warhol and Basquiat and a revolution of change and thoughtful, socially aware pieces is being revived. Personally, I couldn’t be happier to see (and experience) this …


As an aside, we were please to have purchased an original piece titled, “Captain America Vol.1 No.1” by Michael Suchta from the Bruce Lurie Gallery.
As Los Angeles takes its place as a vanguard of the global art scene, our ability to adapt and evolve to meet the art market’s current trends is vital. While dedicated to maintaining our commitment to technique and integrity we are refining our curatorial vision and presenting galleries that showcase premier Modern and Contemporary work at our 2016 edition. The 21st annual show will build on years of success, with new dates, a new hall, and a new direction affording the fair, our exhibitors, collectors, and tens of thousands or art enthusiasts a new quality experience.


In recent years, the LA Art Show has become the most internationally diverse art platform in the Western world, bringing in the largest groupings of Korean, Chinese and Japanese galleries outside of Asia. Beginning in 2010, the LA Art Show actively developed its international gallery offerings to provide collectors with a unique opportunity, to spot international trends and zeitgeist through art, a medium that has the ability to transcend language. This keen focus has been a hallmark of the show.
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