Rich in history and stories no one will soon forget, Berlin is also a city abundant in Art, divine Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, and Bars that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Germany has become an innovator of Green technology, farming, and eco-friendly architecture. Berlin is the center of such marvels. Berlin alone is said to have over 400 miles of bike paths throughout the city and a solar boat that runs day-trips along the Spree River. There are Creative Havens everywhere in Berlin that utilize the history and possibility surrounding it. Berlin has learned to master Creative Sustainability which is putting them back on the map. Lush green, rich in dark pasts and a promising future, Berlin, Germany is taking on an entirely new image.


In Germany

Bergmannstr, Germany

May 5 at 2:00pm until September 1 at 5:00pm

bild.sprachen Stadtteilgalerie, Bergmannstr. 37


On the grounds of the former coal mine Alma was a car racing circuit until the mid-1980s called Motodrom Gelsenkirchen. It was in the district of Gelsenkirchen Ückendorf.

The photographer Robert Freise shows in historical photographs, the motor races in front of of the blast furnaces of the Schalker Verein. After closing the coal mine and the iron works the internationally renowned documentary photographer Joachim Brohm looked at this forgotten places. In his works “Alma 1987” and “Alma 2009”, he shows the change and discusses the importance of landscape today.

Auf dem Gelände der ehemaligen Zeche Alma befand sich bis Mitte der 1980er Jahre die Autorennstrecke Motodrom Gelsenkirchen im Ortsteil Ückendorf. Der Herner Fotograf Robert Freise zeigt in historischen sw-Fotografien die Autorennen noch vor der Kulisse der Hochofenanlage Schalker Verein. Nach der Stilllegung nähert sich der international bekannte Dokumentarfotograf Joachim Brohm aus Leipzig dem vergessenen Ort. In seinen Arbeiten „Alma 1987“ und „Alma 2009“ spielt er mit den Veränderungen und setzt sich mit der Bedeutung von Landschaft heute auseinander.


Art with Flair

Dark side of truth in Berlin

Berlin has gorgeous places such as Gendarmenmarkt and the Pariser Platz. However the German capital also has a harsh, dirty and original side. Take an alternative tour through the city and discover Berlin’s subculture. View Back streets, abandoned ruins and graffiti art. Walk through Berlin’s hippest quarters and admire the great artwork on the remaining of the Berlin wall at the East Side Gallery.

Take another historical tour through the red Berlin. Explore the former Soviet sector of the city with a local guide. Get background information about the life on the other side of the iron curtain and the spy network of the Stasi.


Art of Life: Arte Luise Kunsthotel

Luisenstr. 19 | 10117 Berlin | Germany | Tel: +49 (0) 30 28448-0

Designed by painter, David Dalla Venezia, this is Part Gallery, Part Hotel. Each room is an oeurvre. The hotel is situated in central Berlin, within view of the Reichstag building and the River Spree, a few minutes walk from the Unter den Linden, the Brandenburg Gate, Friedrichstrasse, and the main train station. This is a historical area with top-flight architecture that has recently been attracting attention. This is where the most important currents in politics, culture, media, and science meet. Comprising a neo-classical residential palais dating from 1825 and an addition built in 2003, the hotel has a total of 50 rooms, a generous lobby, and an art gallery that also serves as a venue for events.


Exile Gallery

Skalitzer Str 104 | 10997 Berlin. | +49 (0) 30 76233061 |

Thursday – Saturday 12 – 6 pm and by appointment


Exile Gallery re-opened on September 9, 2011

Exile understands art as a collaborative, inter-generational and overarching discourse embedded in a complex web of socio-political, gender and personal histories as much as in aesthetic theory and conceptual practice.

Exile was founded in October 2008 in Alexandrinenstr 4, Berlin-Kreuzberg. On Feb 19, 2011 Exile moved to Köpenicker Str 39, Berlin-Mitte. From Sept 9, 2011 Exile will be located at Skalitzer Str 104, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg.



Am Pfefferberg, Hof 4, Haus 6 | Christinenstraße 18-19 | 10119 Berlin | Germany

Pfefferberg: After the wall came down, the former brewery of Pfefferberg developed into a unique socio-cultural center with art galleries, studios, clubs, a beer garden and a restaurant. Directly opposite the hostel, the artist Olafur Eliasson designs and produces his latest creations. To our left, in building 5, Kunst- und Atelierhaus MEINBLAU (Art and Studio House Meinblau) provides studios for 16 Berlin artists as well as exhibition space. Both Gallery Mikael Anderson in building 4 and the Akira Ikeda Gallery in buildings 7 and 9 show international modern art, while Architekturforum Aedes (Architecture Forum Aedes) in number 10 is dedicated to temporary exhibitions of building styles and architecture. The Kulturlabor ICI (Institute for Cultural Inquiry) in building 8 explores the possibility of productive inter-cultural confrontation.




Gastro-Tour durch Berlin

A fantastic culinary highlight is the Gastro Rally. A guide will take you to hip restaurants in Berlin’s coolest districts Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg. Enjoy a special 4-course-menu: every course is served in a different restaurant. In addition to modern and versatile restaurants you get to know a great area in Berlin.

Berliner Stube | Destile

Steinberger Berlin | Los-Angeles-Platz 1 | 10789 Berlin, Germany | Phone +49 30 2127-0

We combine hospitality with regional cuisine in the Berliner Stube. By carefully selecting our products, which we prefer to source locally, attaching great importance to sustainable production and minimal transportation. As our guests you are contributing to this sustainability with us. Sous Chef Stube Frederik Ahrens has intrepreted traditional cuisine anew. Will he succeed in winning you over with his – sometimes unusual – combination of taste and aromatics? Patrón Doreen Lange and her colleagues will take care of you and they will be pleased to make recommendations of selected wines to accompany your menu.

Pure enjoyment. From morning till late night. he certified organic breakfast provides a healthy start to the day. Our “Berliner Stube” is ideal for every lunch or dinner occasion with its regional, traditional cuisine interpreted anew. International light meals are served in the Bistro “Destille” and most pleasant relaxation with award-winning, extraordinary cocktails is offered in our “Pianobar”

In addition, there is a Culinary School located on the Premises for a new spin on German cuisine.


The Facil Restaurant at Hotel Mandala

Potsdamer Straße 3 | D-10785 Berlin | Telephone + 49(0) 30 590 05 1234

The Facil: The effortlessness of existence, Known for bold plates like cod-and-basil ice cream and Filetta Brebis Malt Beer and Herb Salad

The paths of comfortable stylish living connect with outstanding contemporary cuisine, as The Mandala Hotel is also the home to the Facil Restaurant. As the destination for the inveterate Gourmet on the trail of the unconventional, Chef Michael Kempf works with great passion and imagination on his latest creations. The Restaurant Facil is absolutely the right place for a stylish lunch or an enjoyable conclusion to the day.


Pfefferberg Restaurant

Schönhauser Allee 176 | 10119 Berlin | Tel: 030 – 44 38 34 04

A Beer garden amidst a prominent historic building …


Öko Markt

Farmer’s markets are also in abundance. The Okomarkt am Kollwitzplatz in Prenzlauer Berg and the Okomarkt am Chamissoplatz are both strictly organic. And the Turkish Market is a long, fantastic corridor of plump figs, warm sesame-sprinkled breads, and bolts of fabric. Farmers and vendors set up their stalls along Kreuzberg’s Maybachufer every Tuesday and Friday.


Night Life

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