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Supporting Los Angeles Youth | YBA

Giving Los Angeles YOUTH a shot at an incredible future!


Imagine being in high school in LA’s inner city. You’re bright, passionate about education and you want to change the outcome of your future. Now envision having an opportunity to do precisely that. That’s what YBA is all about. Entrepreneurs and professionals making sure they give the support and hope to the future generations of kids in Los Angeles by making sure they have the tools AND the opportunity to see their dreams become a reality.

This is entirely non-profit and while we work with over 14 High Schools in the inner city communities throughout LA, we want to reach more kids out there and provide them with opportunities to learn from professionals, and experience these businesses first hand. Every dollar goes directly to the curriculum and field trips provided to these phenomenal kids.

Our goal is to give these kids a chance to see how much life has to offer them. We’d love to provide these kids with field trips to companies like Blizzard Entertainment, Art Center of Design, Restaurants and more. Please be a part of making Los Angeles even better and giving a real chance to kids who need it and work so hard to have a better future.

Your donation contributes to allowing these kids’ dreams to be realized. Thanks and here’s to a future full of visionaries and hope!

DONATE to the CA– USE + Help Contribute to Our Future in Los Angeles.

We are honored to be a Community Board Member of YBA (Youth Business Alliance). Every year we travel to inner city high schools in Los Angeles and speak to some of the brightest minds in their Junior year of High School. It’s humbling to stand in front of these kids from every background and know they have worked so hard to be among those with 3.5 GPA’s and above. These kids deserve a shot at their future and through community outreach and over a thousand speakers like us, we are creating a thriving community of young entrepreneurs and community leaders.

If you’d like to be a volunteer speaker, please click HERE.

The Youth Business Alliance (YBA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that focuses on bringing critical 21st century business skills and perspectives into the classroom by leveraging business partnerships and resources from the community.


The YBA was formed in 2012, servicing one disadvantaged school. We are now in 14 schools serving roughly 350 disadvantaged high school students each year. The YBA provides a year-long after school course (“Introduction to Business & Careers”) to these students, who will receive a full high school course credit upon successful completion.


  • The YBA program is currently being offered in 14 schools throughout the Los Angeles area
  • The program targets 20-25 high school juniors in each school with a GPA of 3.5+
  • The courses are led by fully credentialed high school teachers and business leaders
  • YBA classes are two hours long and are held every week after school for an entire year


  • Student Presentations: Projects and Presentations will develop soft skills, professional acumen, business presentation & communication experience
  • Business Competitions: Individual and team based challenges will present students with real world scenarios and opportunities to experience firsthand
  • Speakers: Regularly scheduled business leaders from community presenting in class and leading discussions
  • Field Trips: Behind the scenes visits to local area businesses will educate the students on various industries