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I love working with brands and clients to share incredible products and experiences. Whether I’m sharing reviews of lifestyle brands that make the everyday far more savvy and fun, or travel experiences that open your eyes to the world, I’m focused on making sure you always know what’s happening.

Some of my absolute go-to’s come by way of mobile apps and unique finds. Always check with our series, #theATOD5 to get a quick list of favorite products, movies, places to eat, where to visit, what whets the whistle, what new clothing brands we’ve discovered, or just fellow entrepreneurs doing sensational things.

We’ve also begun a quarterly series showcasing Women in Media whether artists, authors, activists, or visionaries, we want to celebrate sisterhood.


Founder Dawn Garcia is an accredited member of Los Angeles Press Club, National Association of Hispanic Journalists, African Tourism Board, United States Press Agency, New York Women in Film and Television, Women in Entertainment, Women in Media, American Society of Journalists and Authors.
She is also on the leadership council at the Los Angeles LGBT Center, the International Design Awards, Youth Business Alliance.
She is a volunteer, advocate and media sponsor at CASA/LA Art + Wine raising money and advocating for children in our foster care system raising money through art; Off the Hook Seafood Festival working with Heal the Bay to practice sustainability, environmentalism, and cleaning up our Southern California beaches.

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