The Team

Tenacity. Quite honestly, that is how A Taste of Dawn™ came to be. ATOD Magazine is what it is because of every single person involved. While it began as my passion project, it has become the collective voice of each writer, photographer and visionary involved. With most of the staff volunteering their time and talents, it is clear to see the passion and devotion in every single person who allow this to be the support platform for creativity. Our goal is to be fully funded and financially backed as we continue to grow and evolve and, eventually, find ourselves on your coffee tables around the world.

Allow me to introduce you to the Editorial Staff that continue to inspire me.


– Dawn Garcia, Founder | Editor-in-Chief

The Infrastructure

DawnGarcia-Pinup 2 \

Dawn Garcia

Founder | Editor-in-Chief

Born in Santa Monica.

RANDOM FACT: Morgan Freemen recited a poem to me called “The Dawn” while we waited in line for the bathroom.

Tram Tran

Los Angeles Photographer

Born in Sacramento.

RANDOM FACT: Amateur sneakerhead. (Buys shoes till he’s broke. Perhaps he’s the ideal candidate for some Brands to send him some samples! The boy LOVES his shoes.)

Kevin Curtis

Austin Photographer

Born in Santa Monica.

RANDOM FACT: My face is tattooed on a friend’s thigh. We are the Four Amigos.

Matthew Dyson

Staff Writer | UK

Born in Ascot.

RANDOM FACT: I have backpacked around Guatemala with a chicken.

Tyler Dean

Staff Writer | LA + OC

Born in Newport Beach.

RANDOM FACT: Ran my 1st LA Marathon at the age of 14, coming in at the top 4%.

Cord Montgomery

Staff Writer | LA + OC

Born in Corona.

RANDOM FACT: I won 2nd Place in a “Cutest Baby” contest in Norco. And I’m single, ladies. Just sayin’ .


Ruth Cuevas

Contributing Writer | Germany, Czech Republic

Born in Chicago.

RANDOM FACT: I’ve lived in 6 countries on 4 continents in the last 8 years and, I had never visited any of them before moving there.

Allison Levine

Contributing Writer | Los Angeles, Global Wine Countries

Born in Los Angeles.

RANDOM FACT:  I have visited 36 countries to date on 5 continents drinking wine in almost every single one – still so many to go!

Lexi Scott

Contributing Writer | Atlanta

Born in Savannah.

RANDOM FACT: My favorite animal is a wolf.


Brittany Engler

Contributing Writer | LA + OC

Born in Cincinnatti.

RANDOM FACT: I’ve been known to walk and talk in my sleep quite often.

Toby Rowland-Jones

Contributing Writer {Sommelier} | Wine Country

Born in Oldenburg (but a Welshman).

RANDOM FACT: I’m a certified fly-casting instructor.

Martin Gaeta

Contributing Writer | LA

Born in Santa Monica.

RANDOM FACT: I’m training to fight as an Amateur Middleweight Boxer

Arthur Yang

Contributing Photographer | LA

Born in Kaohsiung.

RANDOM FACT: I can blow a killer spit bubble. (What … too personal?)

CAMP headshot 2


Contributing Writer

RANDOM FACT: I have an acute sense of smell. My nose knows! I have super-smell abilities, and have been known to go into everything nose first. 

OUR INCREDIBLE Staff Behind-The-Scenes

Kamron Malik Ahmed

Project Manager

Born in Seattle.

RANDOM FACT: I have been to the hospital 7 times for stitches but never broken a bone.

Matt Sanderson

Brand Consultant

Born in Tulsa.

RANDOM FACT: I have played a pick-up hockey game with hockey legend, Gordie Howe.



Activist | Humanitarian | Icon

Born in Ixelles, Brussels


RANDOM FACT:  Audrey Hepburn Sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to JFK the Year After Marilyn Monroe Did


WHY: Rarely will you find someone with the grace, integrity, wit, kindness, and benevolence. Audrey is everything good and beautiful in humanity and we strive to embody the same values. No one represents class and lifestyle quite like her.