Fashion Report PinUp Girls and Corsets

FASHION REPORT PinUp Girls and Corsets

by Dawn Garcia | Photos by Dawn Garcia


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I love that I dress in gorgeous, sexy clothes. Fabric that accentuates every curve, shows off all the right assets, and enhances all the right fluff. PinUp Girl Clothing really is my apparel indulgence. While attending the Friday Night – Girl’s Night Out – it just affirms my love for this store, Laura Byrnes, Natasha Estrada, Doris Mayday, Masuimi Max (launching her “I am Sin” Makeup Line! Girl after my own heart), and Elaina Soto (Model, Artist, extraordinary woman). Women who are – in every way – women. Unafraid of their sexuality, comfortable in their own skin, rocking gorgeous clothing, and wearing lips that make you go – YUM! These are beautiful, strong, independent, and incredibly talented driven women. I am always feeling a bit more “sex kitten” after a visit to the store. So while this piece will be a bit shorter than normal, after attending this event, I picked up on a few wardrobe cues.

1. Rock a big hat.

2. Corsets are fun.

3. Lipstick is like a Bat Signal.

4. Women are sexy.

5. Costumes are also alter egos.

6. Put a flower in your hair.

7. Accentuate your buxom breasts. Stop hiding those beautiful girls!



So I embraced my inner vixen, decided to give in to the newfound fashion fun, and when going to Jimmy Kimmel Live! last week with my incredibly talented girlfriends, Trista Pisani and Shana Halligan, I wore my red pencil skirt from PinUp Girl Clothing, a ribbed black tank and a waist corset! I felt like I was ready for anything.

Girls, my advice to you is stop being afraid of being sexy. There is class and power in owning your sensual side. Wear clothes that make you feel like a Hollywood Starlet from the era of Sirens and Elegance and stop hiding. Know what works. Pencil skirts, knee length, deep cut sweetheart necks, cinched waists, dolled up hair, pretty lipstick – do it all. Find your style and slip into the YOU you keep meaning to reveal.


Pin Up Girl Boutique “Ladies Night”

Masuimi Max “I am Sin” Makeup Line Release Party

By Alexis Murine

PinUp Girl Clothing Boutique | 3606 W. Magnolia Blvd | Burbank CA 91505


On the last Friday of the month, PinUp Girl Clothing Boutique in Burbank, CA hosts a “Ladies Night”, an excuse to get all gussied up and stroll the streets, peeking at classic cars while munching on food truck delicacies with music and laughter wafting through the air.


For the May “Ladies’ Night,” well-established PinUp Model Masuimi Max was the guest of honor, celebrating the launch of her cosmetics line entitled “I am Sin”.  Women wishing to add a little vamp to their lives could visit the in-store beauty bar to watch and participate in make up demonstrations from Micheline Pitt and Jennifer Corona. Anyone who purchased some of Masuimi’s modestly priced makeup would receive raffle tickets for a chance to win prizes. Men flocked to the back of the store, where drinks were served and could enjoy refuge in the “Man Cave”, stocked with snacks and videogames.


While Dawn posed with statuesque PinUp Girl models, I stood with Dawn’s beautiful daughter Barcelona, eating dark chocolate mint gelato, surrounded by colorful 1950s inspired day dresses and playsuits. I leaned down to Barcelona, saying, “Its like playing dress up for grown ups,” and she nodded, wide-eyed, neon plastic spoon in her mouth. Events like “Ladies’ Night” give women the excuse to make themselves feel glamorous and stylish, whether they wear vintage styles on a daily basis or are just dipping their toes into the retro waters, it is as refreshing as it is inspiring to be in the presence of other well-dressed women.