Innovation + Intention

No. 5

letter from the editor

The greatest discovery of human history is invention. The power to innovate in the face of adversity, to thrive in spite of failures, to imagine when the world tells you it's foolish. In order to innovate and live life with intention, we have to push through obstacles, pave our own way, and look for alternate ways of doing things. This month is about precisely that. It's also about celebrating our LGBTQIA+ community. Being aware that what you create, what words you use, and what you put out into the world creates a universal energy that can tether humanity in oneness or dissect it into broken fragments. Through art, innovation, design, creativity, and love—in all industries and communities—the commitment to give something beautiful to the world is real success. So this month—we celebrate you. The dreamers. The doers. The innovators. The lovers. Be intentional in all things.

— xo, Dawn Garcia, Editor-in-Chief | COVER PHOTO by Jamie Sue @jamiesue

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