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No. 7 Not All Who Wander Are Lost

letter from the editor

It's bizarre that we've already arrived into the seventh month of the year. Somehow we will have lived a very long year in a vortex of unusual times, and the strangest aspect of it is the inability to travel abroad. If you've been bitten by the travel bug, you know the depth of absence we feel by not being able to get out and be fully immersed in new and beautiful cultures. You also know that travel is by far the greatest education on the planet ... and we miss it! I am so glad to see that travel bans are slowly being lifted, tourism boards are beginning to plan for the upcoming calendar year, and the prospects of exploring this great big world are looking up. This month, I encourage you to spread your wings, book that trip you keep talking about, learn a new language, and prepare to catapult your curiosities into a foreign land. It's what makes this journey worthwhile, and it is a privilege that should never be wasted. Open your minds and remember: not all who wander are lost ... they're just having way more fun!

— xo, Dawn Garcia, Editor-in-Chief | COVER PHOTO by Silje Helen

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