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A man was murdered by the police. Murdered by the ones sworn to protect and serve. Violence has erupted. Riots ensued. Cities ablaze. Social justice isn't en vogue. It's the only world worth living in. Equality isn't a luxury. It's a human right. And as we struggle to find our way through this as a nation, and a species, may your hearts be heavy and your actions be thoughtful. VOTE. There is no better way to assert your power than to implement systemic change, resist oppression, and demand more from those who lead. This month I deterred from the original messaging because what we need is hope. So at this moment in time as we fight for social justice, stand up for equal rights, celebrate PRIDE, and navigate through these uncertain waters, be kind to one another. And stand beside Black America. The only way to move forward is to unite. Be on the right side of history. It's time. Visit — Dawn Garcia


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