The "Take A Breath" Issue

Pause. You've Got This.

from the editor ...

The past months have been the kind that stir anxiety. Chaos seems to seep into our daily lives without our permission, which is why there has never been a more important time to take some time to breathe. This month I encourage you to walk outside your door and gaze up at the endless night's sea of starlight; find peace in the stillness, and remember that you are worthy of a little pause. This issue we will focus on TV series', films, art, and design worth the escape, products that provide some purpose, and offer up ideas to give you a sense of well-being. No matter what—remember that love is required to live—and loving ourselves is where we begin. Then we are free to send love out into the world and be a part of bringing humanity together. And...I think we all need some of that.

— xo, Dawn Garcia, Editor-in-Chief | COVER PHOTO by @sashapritchard


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