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No. 5-7 a season to change things up

Letter From The Editor

In life there are moments that give us an opportunity to reevaluate the way we've been doing things. Sometimes that means taking a closer look at your relationships, deciding if you're really doing what you love, getting to better understand your kids, finally taking that trip you've been talking about forever, or diving deep into better knowing yourself. No matter what part of our lives we're assessing, there is one thing we can count on with absolute certainty and that is that change is inevitable. We can fight it all we want, ignore problems, plod along in our day-to-day—OR—we can recognize the innate desire to adapt and accept that change comes whether we like it or not. This season, I want to ask you to not only embrace change, I'm asking you to be instrumental in making it happen. Hit the reset button, have more curious sex, pick up a new hobby, or let go of the person or thing that's been lending to your complacency. Life is delicious and seductive and full of unexplored terrain ... why not engage in it all? My mission for all of you is simple: Be. Fearless. With. Yourself.

— xo, Dawn Garcia | Cover Photo by Dame Rogue

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