Be Gritty + Uniquely You

No. 8 Embrace Your Freak Flag

Letter From The Editor

One of my favorite lines is, "Let your freak flag fly". The first time I heard it it was a friend reminding me that I didn't fit in some perfect little box, all tidy and predictable. He explained I was paving my own way, creating my own rules, and I wasn't cowering or diverting from my incessant desire to be different and I should be proud of that. He said, much like Luke Wilson in "The Family Stone", "let your freak flag fly and fly that sh*t high and proud." This month I think it's about time we embrace our freak flag. That part of us that doesn't fit some societal mold of playing by the rules. I mean the one that lends to awakening your inner misfit, the fearless champion of the creative spirit, the wild child who isn't afraid to swim naked in the ocean at night. Her. Him. Them. That's what I devote this month's issue to. Stop trying to fit in a box. Four tiny little corners are way too small for you ... It's time for you to bust out of the cocoon.

— xo, Dawn Garcia

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