ATOD Means Empowerment at its Core

ATOD Magazine {A Taste of Dawn}  is the passion publication of award-winning writer, screenwriter, and magazine editor, Dawn Garcia.

Dawn’s belief is simply that life is meant to be savored in every possible way.

ATOD Magazine came from humble beginnings, ignited by a passion to tell stories about the things Dawn believes make life far more beautiful … and inclusive. Having grown up in Southern California, Dawn is drawn to art, culture, diversity, and inclusion as is evident in the soul of the City of Los Angeles. While she creates TV Series’, writes films and works with other screenwriters to help them convey story, words and self-expression are at the core of all she does.

Since the 2020 pandemic hit, the magazine has pivoted to be even more mindful of its messaging of unity. We believe that ATOD is for everyone, and while we pursue the likeness of stories that aim to bring people together, we also believe we have a responsibility to share information and actively pursue societal progress.

Progress is the needle that pushes all of humanity forward.

Dawn is adamant that humanity is at its best when sitting around a table and eating, or filling our souls up with art and design, immersing ourselves in the wonder of cultures different from our own, and using our voices for good.

Dawn Garcia’s story isn’t dissimilar to most in the city of LA. She comes from mixed race parents of Mexican, Spanish, British and Irish descent. Stories of her grandparents’ days in Mexico excited her as a child, curious of the rich history, glorious food, and exceptional art that comes from such a plentiful culture. Those cultural influences are very much alive throughout Southern California. Her Chicano, Hispanic and Latina roots found a home in the streets of LA. From the street art to Olvera Street, the many restaurants and eateries, she grew up in the midst of so much beautiful diversity, it fed her soul in a way nothing else could.

That led her to story tell. While she lived much of her youth in the safety of her imagination, trauma and loss would inevitably make its way to her, fostering what would become a love of unending story and a quest for escapism. Her passions lie in creating content, films, television series’ and magazines that invite an audience into a space free of judgment, a space evocative in exploration. Committed to advocating for equality and social, racial, and environmental justice, Dawn is on the Leadership Council of the LA LGBT Center’s #ResistanceSquad, is an active member of the Society of Environmental Journalists, works as a volunteer with Women’s March, Equality California, Black Lives Matter, Equality Now, and MoveOn.

She is an active participant in changing the narrative to positively reflect the importance of equality and justice for all. If you were to ask her on any given day what she cares most about in the world in terms of her contribution, she would turn to you with a smile on her face and say:

Diversity and inclusion. Lifting up and empowering ALL women, uniting humanity, and living in a world free of hate, violence, inequality and prejudice.

She is proud to have worked with and mentored some of the most incredible pool of writers, journalists, and industry leaders. ATOD wouldn’t be as colorful and vibrant without them. A Taste of Dawn is continually growing and we hope to bring on full time journalists, photojournalists, department editors, advertising and branding experts, and partners around the world over the next year.

We will be joining forces with a Media Group centered on the ideology that together, we can do anything. Stay tuned over the next few months for more on that …

A Taste of Dawn may bear her namesake, but the idea behind it is that the dawn represents new beginnings and fresh starts. That is what you will find in the pages of this online magazine.

Staff Photographers: Tram Tran + Arthur Yang
Contributing Writers: Matthew Dyson, Rachel Svoboda, Eli Dupin, Tyler Dean, Cord Montgomery, Greg Barrazza, Corey Beasley

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