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Our Mantra

“Vision ensures longevity. The world cannot survive without the creative spirit.”

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Our Audience Engages + Reads

ATOD Magazine is continually evolving. We are so grateful to have survived the pandemic and have been able to re-clarify what we stand for. With the heart of artists and activists at our core, telling stories that inform, entertain, inspire, and unite is our aim.

We want to collaborate with you through Influencer Campaigns, Editorial Curated Brand Picks, Reader Giveaways, Travel Incentives, and Products With Purpose (bonus if you are women-owned, sustainable, conscious, and give back).

With brand giveaways, our event calendar, the new online store, and our honest approach to promoting brands we believe in, fans have responded to A Taste of Dawn.

To receive the full media placement package and our ad rates, please email us at