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What Is A-T-O-D?

Aspiring. Thoughtful. Opulent. Daring.

A magazine about living a cultured life.

Known for her passion and tenacity, Dawn Garcia, is a business savvy entrepreneur with a deep desire to tell compelling stories, empower others and discover the things that bring us together and encourage us to live a little bolder. With a background in film and television, when the idea to start a magazine presented itself, it was as if every experience she’d experienced from dining to traveling the world finally found its purpose.

My inspiration for this magazine was driven by AUDREY HEPBURN | Her style was unapologetic, admirable and truly defining, but it was her grace and kindness that inspires me most. She is the bar to which I hold myself to as a woman, an editor, a writer, screenwriter, and mother.

A Taste of Dawn was born out of lifelong search for something

Something to set our souls on fire. Something to motivate us. Something to connect us. Something to inspire us. Something to change the way we see the world.

Journalism can be a tricky business and all too often journalistic integrity is strangled by cruelty or negativity rather than the criticism, beauty and honesty necessary for all things to thrive. So, Dawn started writing and soon brought on a staff of writers and photographers who dared see the world in a more colorful and insightful way.

While ATOD is an acronym for “A Taste of Dawn”, it evolved into something more. ATOD Magazine exists to tell a story in a way it has never been told before. With thoughtfulness and bold content; content that, instead of merely offering a story, offers something that brings us together – to learn from, to inspire, to hope for, to long for, to aspire to.

Her MOTTO: Life is meant to savor and every single moment we’re given is one not to be wasted.

May the content you read in ATOD Magazine be something that educates, invigorates, inspires and invites.


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