Eat Me.

“Curiouser and curiouser!”

In childhood, we grow up eating a plethora of things. Food becomes a means to getting the “ok” to play or run free with friends or the remedy for not “growing fast enough”. Eating out when we were kids was an

absolute TREAT! We would get so excited if we knew we were going to a restaurant. Something about knowing we could order whatever we wanted seemed like Christmas come early.

As we get older, “Eating Out” takes on an entirely different meaning. Food becomes our escape, a memory made or shared with friends and people we love, it becomes the catalyst in an important business meeting, or even the excuse we need to have a little abandon. However I believe there is still a kid within us all. The little voice that sees a menu and secretly gets excited that the possibilities are endless and our saving grace is, we actually know what’s good. Eating out is simply life’s way of presenting us with yet another reason to engage our senses.

Much like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, food really is taking us on an extraordinary adventure. This project of “A Taste of Dawn” began because I sat down to write the story of a dinner I had. The smells, the sounds, the feeling I got when the food hit my lips and my taste buds were aroused; the entire process was worth interpreting. I realized then that story has always played a rather significant role in my dining experiences. In essence, eating out has become my most endearing adventure. So consider “Eat Me” my invitation to you to pick up that little piece of “Wondrous” fare and take a bite. See what happens. See what adventure awaits your imagination… And then – play.


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