Drink Me.

[drinks from the “Drink Me” bottle] Mmm… tastes like cherry tart.”- Alice, in Wonderland

The world of cocktails is a curious one. There are so many places to choose from. So many beverages. From wine to mixed drinks, my taste buds have found bliss.”Drink Me” is a more playful take on why finding a “swell” beverage is worth the time and effort.

These days we have an incredible array of choices and even moreso, a rather eclectic spectrum of “kind” of drinks. In the last decade, we have been introduced to the world Molecular Gastronomy which became a sort of “rabbit hole” of infinite possibilities. In addition, bartenders and chef’s are becoming far more adventurous in their blends to peak the awaiting mouth.

I have traveled the world and have tasted everything from fresh Sangria in Barcelona to Chili-infused tequila in Belize to fresh Sake in Tokyo. An unforgettable cocktail is like a little diamond in the rough. Once you find it, you want to share it … My very first extravagant drink was at an unexpected location. I was celebrating my 21st birthday at a Blues Bar in Universal City. The bartender made me some pink concoction that was oozing with traces of raspberry, cream, and vodka. It tasted like a 50/50 bar with flare. Needless to say, I appreciate cocktails that think outside of the box but don’t explode with over-thinking.