Yummy Brunch

“Brunch is just a shotgun wedding of breakfast and lunch.”

Brunch can be a tricky meal. Sometimes it can take you to a place where you are so happy, you might just get up and dance to your own beat (assuming you’ve had a few Bellini’s)  OR it can get you nice and relaxed to enjoy a simple Sunday … Regardless of what “Brunch” is to you, this menu should be something unique. That simple task of authenticity, however, is truly like finding a needle in a haystack.

My take is that I’m a fan of a brunch that ISN’T predictable.  There is no law that says you have to make Eggs Benedict – it could just be a breakfast item. This meal I am MUCH more difficult to please. I expect great things. If you’ve made this list, you are utterly mind-blowing – yes, mind-blowing. Be proud.

Icugini, Santa Monica: Be sure to order their Bellini — it is sensational!

Le Fumoir, Paris: Brunch and the exquisite scenery just outside a few steps outside the door at the Louvre Museum


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