Lovely Lunch

“Lunch is the escape we get from the day’s insanity.”

Lunch. A midday meal that can either reform a terrible breakfast or make way for a truly delectable dinner – which makes this meal the gateway food. Typically lunches are sandwiches and smaller portions and it seems synonymous with “light”. Lunch is sort of the meal-buffer if you will. That said, it almost puts unfair pressure on this un-expecting delight.

Come midday, I crave a good salad, a really savory sandwich, a colorful array of tapas, or something that just sends me to my happy place. This list is comprised of Restaurants and “Local Joints” that really take the notion of “Lunch” to an all new level.

1. Mosaic Bar & Grill, Montage at Laguna Beach – the Burger is sublime.

2. Portillo’s, Chicago – the Chicago Hot Dog is the best there is. Period.

3. True Food – Crudité is refreshing as is most of the Lunch Menu AND Beverage Menu.

4. The Winery Restaurant & Wine Bar, Tustin District – their Salads are perfect in the afternoon.