Room Service

“If heavenly fare arrived in my room regularly, perhaps I’d never leave.”

Something about “Room Service” is always a bit, well, under par. For whatever reason the notion of ordering while sitting in your robe rarely translates into scrumptious food in-room. The one exception is breakfast. Somehow breakfast is more delicious when it arrives on a tray by a server wearing a fancy coat accompanying a large silver carafe of coffee and the mini ketchup’s that are too darling to pass up. Either way, I love the notion of being fully relaxed in my hotel room (that I no doubt paid a pretty penny for) while being served a meal. However, no matter how upscale or well-known the hotel, I rarely – and I do mean rarely – find that any Room Service outside of breakfast is edible let alone tasty. If you make this list, consider yourself among the elite. Elite as in there may only be a handful of Hotels and Restaurants in the world that can make the transition from kitchen-to-me seamless, hot, delectable, and mouth watering. So far, there is only one.

1. The Montage Hotel & Resort, Laguna Beach CA – Order from “The Studio” for dinner, “The Loft” for breakfast, or the “Mosaic Bar & Grill” for lunch.