“I write every day but sometimes I have thoughts to share that I hope will inspire you to push through discouragement or doubt, tackle your dreams and life with total abandon, and sometimes laugh out loud. All of the quotes below are from me*.

A closer look at who I am and how I see the world.”

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“It’s knowing what really matters, what it is you’re chasing – or avoiding – and what makes you feel alive that propels you into a place where your beautiful soul can shine.”



Words exist in the smile on your face, the life in your eyes, the passion in your soul, and those beautiful and open enough to recognize it. THAT is a writers haven …”



“… this is my first language.” {on Writing}



“You can + you will. Now, go conquer!”



“Today, don’t be discouraged. You CAN accomplish anything.”



“Inspiring someone else to follow their dreams is the hope of anyone who has the courage to follow their own.”

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“There are just people who hold a special place in my heart and there is something to be said about those who really understand and appreciate the world I dwell in. It is truly lovely sitting across from someone who can taste a dish and get just as swept up in it as me; or go to an art gallery and feast on fascinating paint strokes or deep, soulful images; or listen to music and not be afraid to let the notes move through them and allow their hips to sway; or see a film and see the pure art of it all and the fascination that a single idea took at least 50-100 people to make it come together. I have taken a lot for granted in my life, I’m sure, but I do not take for granted the moments where I can still find beauty in the tiniest of things, or see hope when the majority of the world only wants to wallow is selfish consumption. I see the world romantically and yes, I crave to be around those who see it the same way because sometimes it feels like I’m drowning without it. But patience is everything, they say. I am happy that my past, some of the awful things I went through as a kid and as an adult didn’t break me but instead forced my hand to bleed out with words. I’ve come to realize that it is the belief in ones self, the tenacious spirit that knows the cusp is just around the corner – that’s what liberates the doubt and crushes the need for something that could never be as fulfilling as the love I feel for life itself. I see the possibility every day I see my daughter and I know, with total certainty, that all of this – it’s all for something meaningful.”



“My greatest ‪#‎inspiration‬ as a ‪#‎writer‬ comes from ‪#‎AnäisNin‬

One fine day I walked into an old ‪#‎bookstore‬ in ‪#‎LosAngeles‬ in search of a copy of her diaries and a man had just dropped off a private collection of original ‪#‎photographs‬ of Anäis! I bought and own a copy of the one that spoke to me: Her hands. Her instrument. They were taken while she spoke to a group of young ‪#‎writers‬. One day I’ll share it with all of you but for now, it is my solace.

We as writers write because were we not to, something inside of us would die. For me, words are vast and beautiful – but they are powerful and demand respect so to anyone who calls themselves a writer, don’t take that lightly. You have a responsibility to make this world a more beautiful place. The words are not about you. They are a gift bestowed to you … Cherish them.



“You can live your life worrying about getting the support of family by doing what they expect or you can realize your life is YOUR OWN and whatever dreams you want can actually happen, even when you go against the grain. Family is important but your happiness doesn’t pale in comparison to anyone else’s. You get to be happy too. Make choices that better this world and open minds. There is greater risk in doing exactly what’s expected than there is in trying because you’ll never actually know what is possible if you listen to everyone else. I’m a big fan of dreaming big and sometimes it makes everything a million times more challenging but much like the quote in Imitation Game:

‘Sometimes it’s the very people who no one imagines anything of who do the things no one can imagine.’

Take it from the girl who continually goes against the grain … It’s ok to be on the side of those who dare to try to change the world.”

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“There is nothing quite like a lice outbreak to bring the family together.”



Funniest quote of the day comes from my daughter when she came up and smacked my booty and said:

“Your butt is like a trampoline.”

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“A strong, fierce, sophisticated woman must always remember that her value does not lie in the partner she chooses but rather in the way she carries herself. We can get caught up in life, in societal restraint, in the continual fight to find our place but we are, without hesitance – worth it. We are beautiful and intelligent and sexy as hell. Embrace that.

Today, love every curve, every flaw, every child birthing reminder, every line, every unwanted dimple, every desire, every kiss, every hug, every laugh, every dream, every hour you’ve spent working on your dreams to have it all. You’re allowed to hold your head high and feel proud of what you’re accomplishing. We all need one another but we must remember that we, as women, are not an inferior species. We are equally responsible for the outcome of the future and it’s high time we find our class, our focus, our sophistication, and above all – our voice. Don’t apologize for wanting big things in your life. You can be a loving, nurturing mother, a tell-it-like-is friend, a sexual queen, a brilliant voice, a loyal and amazing partner, an elegant reminder that you are not only going to change the world, but you’re going to do it gracefully, powerfully, and with more poise than they ever saw coming. 

Happy Saturday to every fiercely driven woman I know. I not only adore you, I respect the hell out of you. We can do this …”



“Being a writer, screenwriter, and someone with a creative vision I am plagued with self doubt every day. Am I smart enough? Am I talented enough? Will I succeed? Is what I’m doing even going to make a difference? It’s a cycle of continuous wonder but somehow, even when I want to give up or walk away, I can’t. Why? Because I know in the very core of myself that I am doing exactly what I’m supposed to do. I AM a writer. I AM a screenwriter. I AM a storyteller. And there is nothing more certain.”

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*Quotes from others where specified.