My Fare Story

Every sign pointed to my love of fine fare.

“I am not a glutton. I am an explorer of food.” – Erma Bombeck, Humorist, 1927-1996

Much like the adventures of Alice in Wonderland, food can take you on a journey. If you’re lucky, it takes you on adventure. My love of food began years ago. While I was born in Santa Monica where there is a cultural influx of amazing food, my taste buds didn’t really discover it until much later in life (but I will return to give you a “restaurant/hole-in-the-wall must eat’s” tour of this city now overflowing with divine fare and culinary delights).

Back to the story of how my tongue began to taste. It wasn’t the most prolific experience, but it was one that taught me to understand ingredients. I was twelve and my mom took me on a road trip to Eagle’s Point, Oregon. There I picked fresh blackberries (even landed in the thorns for a more “authentic” experience), went to the General Store (which looked like something in the Andy Griffith Show), and made, from scratch, blackberry pie. We also made cornbread from scratch. This was nothing like the Marie Calender’s pies my family enjoyed. No, this was ACTUAL taste. Fresh ingredients, a little hard work, and the smell of something exquisite. While it was only a start, that began my quest for real food. With REAL ingredients.

Living near the Southern California Coast, as the years went on, I discovered an array of seafood situated along the Coast from Marina Del Rey to Malibu, and I began to appreciate truly fine cuisine.

(More of this story coming soon…)


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