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We’ll be traveling to Northern California to experience a brand new cabin at the Inn at Newport Ranch in March 2018.


The #loveisproject grew out of a simple desire to find out what love means to people around the world and how, despite our circumstance or history, love unites us all. Our “Pay It Forward” model extends this concept to empower artisan communities worldwide in an ethical supply chain of love.


The Love Is Project’s journey began in 2012 when Chrissie Lam founded The Supply Change, an initiative that connects artisan groups with brands and creates products for collaborations.

In 2013, Chrissie visited Kenya’s Great Rift Valley to design new products with sustainable, artisanal origins. She linked up with LIFE line (now called UBUNTU), which runs a project called Maasai Mums that provides sustainable employment for women in rural Kenya who create beautiful handcrafted bracelets and handbags. Inspired by the vibrant colors and patterns of the Maasai tribe’s clothing, and looking to help them develop marketable goods, Chrissie developed the idea for a simple and bold message bracelet in their traditional beading.

One day, on a flight to Moscow in 2014, the bracelet inspired a conversation with two girls from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan about what LOVE means. She asked what love means to them and recorded their answer in her phone. On landing in Moscow, she uploaded a photo of them wearing the bracelet to Instagram.

US demand drives increase in French wine and spirits exports

French wine export sales grew 8.5% to $15.94 billion in the past year, driven largely by increased demand from the US and China, per the Federation of French Wines and Spirit Exporters. Cognac led the increase in spirits exports to the US, the data showed.

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PBS Announces Liev Schreiber as Narrator of CIVILIZATIONS

Nine-Part Global Series Exploring the Power of Art From Earliest Civilizations to the Present PBS Confirms Episode Rollout for April – May
  • A PBS and BBC Co-Production, New Series Examines Human Creativity Across Cultures –

PASADENA, CA, January 17, 2018 – Today at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, PBS announced that acclaimed film, theater and television actor Liev Schreiber (Ray Donovan, Spotlight, The Manchurian Candidate) will narrate its series, which tells the story of art from the dawn of human history to the present day — for the first time on a global scale.

CIVILIZATIONS will premiere on PBS on Tuesday, April 17, 2018, 8:00 pm, with the next four episodes airing Tuesdays through May 15. Four more episodes will air in June.

The five episodes airing in April and May are:

  • The Second Moment of Creation (Tuesday, April 17) – Seventy thousand years ago, the first known examples of humans expressing themselves creatively were simple, abstract etchings. Over tens of thousands of years, this impulse evolved into painted and sculpted depictions of the animal world…and eventually of the human form itself.
  • How Do We Look? (Tuesday, April 24) – From the Terracotta Army of China to the Colossi of Ramses II in Egypt, the human form has been a dominant subject for artists throughout history. Each civilization and era, however, sees the meaning of this art differently.
  • God and Art (Tuesday, May 1) – Spiritual devotion has inspired some of the most spectacular works of art the world has ever seen, raising challenging questions about the relationship between humans, the divine and the act of creating.
  • Encounters (Tuesday, May 8) – As the technological advances of the late 15th century sent human beings around the planet further and faster than ever before, distant and disparate cultures began to meet for the first time. As a result, art became the great interface by which civilizations judged and understood each other, and continues to be a potent force in shaping our increasingly globalized world.
  • Renaissances (Tuesday, May 15) – The burst of artistic advancement known as the Renaissance in the 15th and 16th centuries was not confined to Italy and Europe; at this same time, the Islamic Empires were experiencing their own explosion of creativity, with artists in the east and west competing with and influencing each other.

Inspired by Civilisation, Kenneth Clark’s acclaimed landmark 1969 series about Western art, this bold new series from Nutopia broadens the canvas to reveal the role art and the creative imagination have played across multiple cultures and civilizations, introducing a new generation to works of beauty, ingenuity and illumination created across continents. From the landscape scrolls of classical China and the sculpture of the Olmecs to African bronzes, Japanese prints and French Impressionist paintings, CIVILIZATIONS explores the wealth of treasures created through the entirety of the human experience. The principal contributors to the films are Simon Schama, art historian and Professor of History and Art History at Columbia University New York; Mary Beard, Professor of Classics at the University of Cambridge; and British-Nigerian historian and writer David Olusoga. Joining them will be international artists and experts including Jamal J. Elias, Religious Studies Professor at the University of Pennsylvania; Rebecca Gonzalez-Lauck, National Institute for Anthropology, Mexico; art critic and historian Jonathan Jones; Salima Ikram, Professor of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo; Jay Xu, Director of the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco; and Maya Jasanoff, Professor of History at Harvard University.