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Growing up in the city of Los Angeles, life has always been colorful. As 2019 begins, the city is among the many thriving in artistic echoes and a looming desire for positive change. From LA to New York, the Mexican Riviera to Burgundy, the world is full of wonder, continual shifts in industry from hospitality to film, travel to art and it is going to make for some magnificent new things.

Creative Spaces + Culinary Dreams

Art+Tech+Music+Sports+Fashion | February 2019


Los Angeles is about to welcome h Club, the vision of the late philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder  Paul G. Allen and Eurythmics legend, Dave Stewart. H Club will be a collaborative space embodying a community-centric environment fostering inspiration and creativity. Inviting innovators in tech, art, sports, fashion, design, entertainment, music and the like-minded to come together in a space beyond the normal co-working spaces.

With five floors of dining options, James Beard award-winning chef Kris Morningstar, is spearheading the culinary program as executive chef. Morningstar’s culinary vision has canvased Los Angeles with incredible dining experiences. Concepts include an Asian-inspired tea room, outdoor cinema dining, upscale dining at Jarman’s restaurant, a revolving menu and more. This is a superior new addition to LA. The club also offers a state-of-the-art recording studio, a live performance space, fitness center, plush lounges, and 35 bespoke guests rooms designed by Russell Sage Studio of London. The guest rooms are available to members only and are beautifully curated by Ali Hillman.

h Club Los Angeles | 1717 Vine St. | Los Angeles

Pacific Standard Time | Chicago

California Comfort in Chicago


In one of the best cities in the US, Chicago is known for having some of the most sublime food in the nation. Restaurants dare to think way outside the box with chefs that approach cuisine with a ferocity not often found elsewhere, and that will be exemplified with Pacific Standard Time. Pacific Standard time is a California-inspired restaurant under the pristine guidance of executive chef Erling Wu-Bower and pastry chef Natalie Saben.

Pacific Standard Time | 141 W Erie St. | Chicago

Influencer | Incredible Partnerships

Shutterstock + Amazon + Target


I am so happy to announce that our influencer partnership with Shutterstock, Amazon, and Target have been extended. I’m proud to work with companies I was a patron of long before having the opportunity to work with them. My goal is to share all of the great finds, hopefully save you a little money on your favorite things, and inspire the inner designer and curator within.

Shutterstock is a resource with thousands of images available to use that can make your blog pop, help tell a visual tale, and offer incredible editorial content. Amazon is where I personally spend most of my money and time perusing. I’m able to find everything from furniture to appliances, ink toner, incredible books, vinyls, and now it even affords me 20% off when I get my groceries at Whole Foods. Target is where I shop with my daughter to get everything our family needs including laundry detergent, clothes and home décor from amazing designers, bath care, and more.