Once Upon A Fare

Once upon a fare…

“It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.” – Alice, from Wonderland

I believe Food is an awfully big adventure: One that requires us to abandon boredom, indulge in flavors of the world, feel the heartbeat in every bite, engage in every form of passion, and be fearless in the emotions ever taste evokes.

Once Upon A Fare is an ongoing tale of Chefs, Restauranteurs, Wine Makers, and those who believe feeding the belly is far more like feeding the soul. This journey begins January 2012 and will be an interactive journey.


While Once Upon A Fare takes our hand and leads us into a world so beautifully complex and full of culinary cadence, please indulge in reading all about “why” I created this site and why the “story” of fare is far more fascinating than merely sitting down to dine.

My Fare Story – A tale of how the story of fine fare came to be

Eat Me – A rather interesting tale of why “Dining Out” is such an exquisite adventure

Drink Me – Not one drink should be dull in flavor or taste. It should be the very thing that awakens your senses


To the many adventures that await …

– Dawn Garcia