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ATOD Magazine is in the business of looking for the latest brands and products. We look for innovation, elegance, artisans and tech savvy, fashion forward, and thought provoking products that give us all another reason to experience something new. (Photo by

To be REVIEWED* in the Magazine or be included in our Gift Guides, please fill out the form below and someone from our Editorial Team will get back to you.

*Please note there is a submission fee of $15. Product + Brand must meet our Submission Guidelines.

PAY SUBMISSION + EDITORIAL FEE BELOW. It takes time to peruse products so in order for us to get through each product and give it the proper time to research without a physical sample, this fee covers our time and expertise.

Submission Guidelines: Product or Brand submitted must fit the lifestyle brand concept. No derogatory, perverse or poorly made products will be accepted. We take great pride in promoting brands we believe in.