In addition to many things, ATOD Magazine™ is, it is also a place where stories are born and nurtured. The Projects below are those that are collective and collaborative.

The projects are PUBLIC and each and every one of you is invited to participate. All of the themes are created in an effort to bring us all together in some way. I am searching for the thread in humanity … the connectedness among us.

– Dawn Garcia, Editor-in-Chief


Project No. 1


Love Letter | Deadline December 31st, 2013

What is Love? A question for the ages. When was the last time you sat down and wrote a love letter? Sometimes we don’t write them because its forbidden, or we know we won’t send them, or the fear that the keeper of your heart would never understand, or simply put, you are afraid – BUT what if, you wrote your love letters to me and felt the release of saying everything you’ve always wanted to and feel that release without having to actually send it to its intended recipient? I can simply represent the person they are intended for (and obviously if they are intended for me, you don’t have to let me know). SO – I am asking ALL of you to sit down and write me a love letter. You can type them OR mail them. If you type them, email them to me at – if you mail them, send to:

Dawn Garcia
ATOD Magazine
645 W. 9th Street, Suite 110-381
Los Angeles, CA 90015

I will be accepting love letters until December 31st. Say everything you’ve kept inside. Inspired by this video my friend Mathieu posted. It is something I have wanted to do and it would be beautiful to see what transpires. LOVE is powerful. Sometimes just putting it out there can be healing. Sometimes, it even surprises you …