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ATOD Magazine Editor, Dawn Garcia, is also a guest contributor in the affluent, Robb Report Magazine‘s new online endeavor, ROBB Vices.


Below are links to her articles in Robb Report Magazine: Robb VICES


2/14/14 – The Art of Seduction

Aphrodisiac : It’s a term that immediately invokes a healthy curiosity. Etymologically, it stems from Greek mythology; it is a derivative of the name… – See more at:[0]=im_field_article_category%3A25071#sthash.iStVZovq.dpuf

3/11/14 – A Wee Bit O’Cheese

3/18/14 – Some Like It Hot

5/6/14 – Pool Party

6/3/14 – The New Era of Tiki



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So, given that it’s Valentine’s Day, we thought it best to steal a page straight out of Aphrodite’s playbook. What follows is a spotlight on some of the more sensual aphrodisiacs, all supported by some degree of research. Yes, we know that there’s an ample amount of research to discredit the notion that any food contains aphrodisiac qualities, but it’s more fun to play along. We’ve also pointed out noteworthy restaurants that are serving these ingredients in elegant and memorable ways. – See more at: