I am not the typical “Food Writer”. I sincerely want every Restaurant and Chef to SUCCEED. There is something unique about each dining experience and fare, service, decor, authenticity – all play a pivotal role in why patrons choose to eat where they do. Sometimes there are great restaurants that no one knows much about. Every ingredient, every dish has a story. A Taste of Dawn delivers honest and constructive reviews designed to improve a restaurant’s overall performance.  My job is to help Chefs and Restaurants alike get the recognition they deserve … and need.

Every restaurant wants to deliver the most positive “Dining Out” experience. A restaurant that takes pride in what they present and a Chef that takes pride in what they create make every diner a happier one. My suggestion to every Restaurant is to have someone come and really assess the entire experience from entering to leaving. It will only strengthen you as an establishment and entice repeat business and word-of-mouth.

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