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  • SUNDAY, JAN. 18th

    SUNDAY, JAN. 18th

RESERVATIONS: 213-787-7087

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Doors Open at 5:30pm | Cocktails + Hors d’Ouevres


7pm – 9pm | Wine + Cocktail Pairings


Ebanos Crossing | 200 South Hill Street | Los Angeles 90012


Dress For a Lovely Dinner. It’s L.A.
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*Tickets are NON-Refundable but they are TRANSFERABLE

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$40 Per Person

INCLUDES: Cocktails, Wine, Hors d’Oeurvres, Live Musical Performance


*Dinner can be added on-site based on availability

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$95 Per Person

INCLUDES: ALL of Cocktail Hour Above  + 4-Course 4-Star Dinner, Cocktail + Wine Pairing, SWAG



Payments via PayPal (Link Below)


Who doesn’t love a fantastic pop-up dinner?! The anticipation of a sensational meal, limited seating, and knowing it’s only for one night? It’s exciting! Now imagine feasting on an exquisite dinner, drinking award-winning cocktails, and lovely Sonoma wines all the while taking comfort in knowing a portion of the price of dinner will go towards putting an end to #ChildHunger in the United States. Well, ATOD Magazine™ and Ebanos Crossing have come together to work with #NoKidHungry to give you an evening you’ll never forget and a cause to change the world.


BP-SupperWorking with all locally sourced produce and sustainable seafood and wine (yes, we are actually getting our seafood from the local fisherman caught that day!), Chef to the Celebrities, Ryan Rondeno, is creating a plating of beautiful hors d’oeuvres and a 4-Course Dinner that will make your palate happy.

We’ve also partnered with Ebanos Crossing in Downtown Los Angeles. Ebanos is a 1930s Cocktail Lounge with beautiful architectural space, historic tales, gorgeous vaulted ceilings, and over 3500 square feet of space to spread your wings and really enjoy a luxurious, but relaxing night out.


With the holidays behind you, we wanted to give you something more to celebrate. Doors will open at 5:30pm and at the Upper Bar, we will have featured libations, a very special Reserve Wine from our friends at Viluko Vineyards and access to the full bar (stocked with everything from Top Shelf to your favorites). Tonight, we turn this 1930s Cocktail Lounge into an “Outdoor Living Room”. With one long table seating 40 guests, we are creating a dining experience that will give you the perfect reason to escape the madness of the season.


I did also mention that ALL of our guests will receive SWAG, did I not? Oh yes. Our dinners come equipped with everything, including a little something sublime to take home with you.

A special thanks to our partners at Aquarium of the Pacific’s, Seafood For The Future and Community Seafood, Viluko Vineyards, Ebanos Crossing, and Amoretti Foods.

All of our seafood and meats are sourced and caught locally and are sustainable.
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Hunger in Los Angeles

More than 1 million children and teens in Los Angeles are eligible for subsidized meals and may be at risk of hunger.

Hungry children have trouble concentrating, get more headaches and infections, are more likely to be hospitalized and are less likely to perform well on athletic fields and in classrooms. It’s simply much harder for children at risk of hunger to thrive.

Our kids aren’t hungry because we lack food or because of a lack of food and nutrition programs. Our children are hungry because federal food and nutrition programs that serve children living in poverty and families struggling to make ends meet are frequently underutilized by many of those who are eligible. For example, more than 70 percent of children are eligible for but don’t participate in the school breakfast program and more than 45 percent of child care homes and centers are not enrolled in the Child Care Food Program (CCFP).

Low enrollment can be attributed to a number of factors, including lack of awareness of available programs and services, language or cultural barriers and complicated enrollment procedures. The Los Angeles No Kid Hungry campaign believes the most effective way to reduce childhood hunger in the state is to improve the number of eligible families participating in these already-established programs and to encourage community members to get involved to address the issue.


On-site we will be taking DONATIONS to give to No Kid Hungry. As a Birthday Wish from 8 year-old, Barcelona Walker, she wanted to give to children in need this month instead of getting gifts for her birthday.


1. Food Bank donations (canned goods, dry goods, etc.)
2. Children’s Clothing (Ages Newborn to 18 years)
3. Old Cell Phones + Computers (Able to be refurbished)
4. Children Books for an Ages 2-18
5. Monetary Donations going directly to #NoKidHungry