Time to Live

Time to Live …

by Dawn Garcia


I’ve avoided the news because the catastrophic sadness that oozes is often too much to bear witness to – BUT – with horrible events like Sri Lanka, New Orleans, Japan, and now the Philippines, you cannot take these moments you are given for granted. We wait for the right moments, the emotional “ok”, get caught up in hurt or frustration or economic hardship. We feel sick when the bills come or the reality of relationships ending eat us up, we worry about the next big earthquake or storm or outbreak of war or the world that will be left to our children – but the thing is – this moment – the time you spend worrying and being filled with that heavy bitterness or agonizing regret is shaving off moments you could be thankful for. The moments where you can be grateful you can love, that you are capable of working, that you are valued, that you can make today the best day ever. You can be thankful that you have been given a child or children to love and show the true meaning of “unconditional” and that without all of the “things” standing in the way, you are a parent and you were given a huge gift. You get a chance to forgive, to love again, to let go of burdens. You have the ability to stare fear in the face and welcome it with love and a smile because you know it no longer holds you captive.


We cannot predict or possibly fathom what may or may not happen but we can pause long enough not to miss the things happening right now. We can be grateful for a laugh, a smile, a hug, a kiss, an opportunity, an accomplishment, a breath, the birds in the trees, the sound of the ocean frolicking on the shore, the moment your kid says “I love you” and means it. We have one thing for sure – THIS moment – and regardless of how hard times may be or the challenges life continues to present, you are strong and you can survive – and you will. Today, think of all of the things happening in this world and I beg you to be in the present moment and find the wonder in that.


The natural disasters that have plagued this world have taken countless lives and left so many in an uncertain state. Men without the act of nature have committed atrocities without ever looking back. This world is unraveling by humanity’s and nature’s doing. While we cannot hinder or pause the acts of nature’s fury, we can change how we behave with one another. All of this distance – this animosity – this hatred – We have to stop. We have to live in the NOW. No one knows what will happen next so please don’t hesitate. Be present. And make every millisecond count.


To support any one of these organizations, please click below:

The American Red Cross

The Philippine Red Cross


World Food Programme (WFP)

The International Rescue Committee

Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders)

Save the Children

World Vision

Habitat for Humanity

Operation USA

ChildFund International

National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON)

International Medical Corps

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2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami – Sri Lanka


2005 Hurricane Katrina – New Orleans


2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami – Japan


2013 Philippines typhoon



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