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Unapologetically Moving Forward

2022, am I right?! What a weird and challenging year full of twists, turns, ups, downs, rises, falls, and waves of ... um, purple? As a nation we have been deep in the throes of chaos. As a planet we have been deep in the throes of chaos. As human beings we have been (yep, you know what I'm about to say so I won't). Point is, this year is the one we all hoped would be the best year ever considering the other two we endured, but instead it was a lesson in what not to do. Don't feed the flames of division. Don't sit quietly while rights are stripped away. Don't be a passive surveyor. Do fight for social freedom. Do love your LGBTQ community. Do praise the elected officials that codified same sex and interracial marriage (Can I get an amen?!). Do poke your head out of the sand and strive to be a kinder person. In other words, we're pretty damn ready to say byyyyyyeeee to 2022. Bring on the next best thing—And 2023? You better f**king deliver.

— Live Unified, Dawn Garcia


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