ATOD Magazine™ partners with Chef’s Roll

ATOD Magazine is proud to announce our Partnership with Chef’s Roll


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ATOD Magazine™ Founder and Editor, Dawn Garcia and Chef’s Roll Co-Founder Thomas Keslinke are pleased to announce our collaborative partnership. Chef’s Roll, a culinary network designed to help chefs promote themselves professionally online. As a Magazine that supports and loves the chefs we meet, know, dine with, and write about, it made perfect sense to partner with a Network whose goal is precisely the same and as a result it allows us to work together in promoting all of the wonderful work chefs continue to do. By joining forces, it will allow the Chefs that ATOD Magazine interviews to have an even broader presence in an ever expanding culinary world. Every Chef featured in ATOD Magazine will not only have in-depth interviews but now, a Chef’s Roll profile, another platform that will showcase their talents and experience.


Keep an eye out as we do more tastings and one-on-one interviews with the culinary artists that continue to invigorate our palates…


You can watch the Chef’s Roll video to learn more, here:

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