Shock Top Lemon Shandy Launch

Shock Top Lemon Shandy Launch (Almost) Ends Winter

Shock Top Lemon Shandy is back to help cold-weather cities across America escape from winter’s frosty grip

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IMG_5361Invited to attend the launch of the Shock Top Lemon Shandy beer was something of a new endeavor for this Editor (I’m traditionally a wine gal)! As the heat kicked up in Los Angeles, the freeze was on in full force in the east and today was ALL about bringing some sunshine to those who were buried in the cold (in theory). With record snowfall in Boston, New York and TOMS ShoesPhiladelphia, Lemon Shandy Brew Master, Nicole Harwood, creates a summery blend of lemony goodness that is exactly what beer drinkers need. Picked up at my favorite college campus (UCLA – Go Bruins!) in the Shock Top bus along with several members of the media, we were accompanied by 6 orange Shock Top VW Beetles (equipped with beer taps in the trunk); of course we just happened to be riding in the bus with the incredibly funny (and super nice), Josh Peck and his friends, Cody Johns and Sunny Mabrey.


We arrive at the truly breathtaking citrus grove of Limoneira and are greeted by a private white tent while 72 degree (or thereabouts) gorgeous Southern California weather reigns down on us. As we enter with a slew of media and selected guests, including VIP’s, Lemon Shandy and Belgian White bottles are readily available as is some very fun swag: Mohawk themed beanies, orange sunglasses, orange scarves and the welcome wagon of a very easy-going crowd. Soon we are ushered to take our seats and VP, Jake Kirsch explains that not only is the launch perfectly timed but after a presentation reminding us spoiled Angeleno’s of the perfect weather we have and the contrasting weather on the east coast, today was about blending the two (snowfall indoors and idyllic sunny weather just outside).


The event was seamlessly planned with the sweet smell of citrus permeating through the air, sounds of laughter and shared stories by media, guests, fans, beer connoisseurs, and the alluring scent of the grill being fired as fresh, in-house-3-day handmade pizza dough rose from the oven and lined platters being passed around the orchard. A table placed with over 50 place settings waited for eager appetites and happy beer-filled media (including myself).

The afternoon unfolds, vacant canvas bags are now filled with freshly picked citrus, music by Baywood utilizes the empty spaces of time and before long we are seated and waiting to taste the meal we’d been smelling since we arrived. The menu has been planned around using elements of Lemon Shandy to tie in the theme of every one of the elements surrounding us …




Shock Top Belgian White Breads

Butter and Sea Salt

Assorted Pickled Vegetables



Kale and Citrus Salad with Fennel, Beets, Radish and Dr. Abe’s raw Shee’s Milk Cheese



Oven-Roasted Organic Lemon Chicken with Grains and Greens



Mud Creek Blood Orange Popsicle with Citrus Zest and Chocolate-Covered Candied Kumquats and Shock Top Lemon Shandy Whipped Cream + Pixie Dust

THE BEER: As a first timer, I was truly impressed with the Lemon Shandy. A well balanced, happy, citrus forward brew that could easily find itself stocked in my fridge for those warm, summer California days.

MEAL: The cuisine itself (catered by a local Ventura company) had it’s high points and a few low points. The salad was bright and beautiful, tasting of summer + the finish with such a curious dessert was absolutely refreshing (and surprising); however the one dish that left much to be desired was the chicken. A few pieces in our little section of the long table were still uncooked towards the middle with remnants of blood and signs of uncertainty, which was, in every way, unappetizing.

LIMONEIRA: Shock Top couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful spot not too far from Los Angeles. With the scents of varying citrus groves literally taking hold of you in the most wonderful of ways, it was as if all of us were greeted by the very essence of why Southern California is such a remarkable place. I was so thrilled when handed a canvas Shock Top Tote to go peruse the groves and pick anything I wanted! (We all were!) My highlight was eating fresh kumquats straight from the trees. They are what I wait for all year and Limoneira has harvested some delectable fruits.

Brewmaster Nicole Harwood – Fairfield Brewery, Fairfield, CA

Nicole first joined the Anheuser-Busch team in 2003 after completing her degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Colorado State University, and currently acts as the resident Brewmaster for the Fairfield Brewery out in Fairfield, Calif. In the past, she’s held positions with Anheuser-Busch in Fort Collins, Colo. as both the Brewing Group Manager and the Finishing Process Engineer.

Nicole’s favorite part of her job is sharing all of the amazing beers Anheuser-Busch produces and the careful way they are made with the public. She loves to see people light up with a new love and appreciation of beer through food and beer pairings, and has even had the pleasure of hosting a few herself.



LOS ANGELES, March 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Enough is enough. This winter has been brutal for millions of Americans: subzero temperatures, record levels of snow and a groundhog that seems to see his shadow every year. Everywhere you look is a bleak, cold reminder summer is still months away. Or is it?

Today, Shock Top says “enough!” to winter and declares March 2 the unofficial start of summer with the return of its summer seasonal, Shock Top Lemon Shandy.


“Every time you turn on the TV or go online, there’s another story or post about the polar vortex or ‘snowpocalypse,’ and like everyone one else, we’re tired of winter, too,” said Jake Kirsch, VP of Shock Top. “The return of Lemon Shandy has always signaled ‘summer’ for us, and we want to help people realize the beer you choose can dictate the season just as much as the calendar.”

Part of what makes Shock Top Lemon Shandy intrinsically “summer” is that every batch is brewed with real California lemon peels. Now, beer drinkers can tap into the summer season, with fresh citrus directly from the Golden State, where it’s summer all year.

California’s year-round love affair with summer is also the inspiration for Shock Top’s new campaign, “72 degrees and Shock Top.” Beginning at the Limoneira Citrus Ranch in Santa Paula, Calif., Shock Top is embarking on a cross-country journey to Boston – which has been absolutely blasted by winter this season – to bring a little sunshine and celebrate the impending end of winter (at least according to a certain groundhog) with a special summer-themed celebration in two weeks. From there, Shock Top drinkers can campaign to bring an early summer – and hopefully a little California sunshine – to their snowy city by using the hashtag #72andShockTop.

“’72 degrees and Shock Top’ is a simple idea: we’re reminding people these brutal winters don’t last forever, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we’re actually going to bring it to folks sooner than Mother Nature would,” said Kirsch. “Well … at the very least, we’ll bring Lemon Shandy and Belgian White.”

For more information and to see exclusive content from the ’72 degrees and Shock Top’ kick-off event at Limoneira, Beer drinkers can also join the conversation on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #72andShockTop.


About Shock Top Brewing Co.

Founded in 2006 with the release of its signature Belgian White ale, the Shock Top Brewing Co. creates unfiltered Belgian-Style wheat ales for beer drinkers who live life unfiltered. Quality ingredients and creativity drive the Shock Top Brewing team to craft unique twists on beer styles. For more information, please visit

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