The WRAITH by Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce introduces the 2014 WRAITH.

Imagine a hum. A dark forest. And a woman. The coarse cold air rushing through the trees, the sharp turn of curiosity looming around you until everything in you begins to pulse and suddenly that faint hum is now a roaring beckon. And then that hum gets closer. Closer  and closer, the forest falls silent as the hum becomes a beckoning purr. Within moments, lights come into view and something inside of you feels compelled to want. Open your eyes … now welcome The Wraith! – DG, ATOD

Invited to a private viewing of the newest Rolls Royce Model, The WRAITH is one of the sexiest cars I have ever come across. Introduced to David Archibald, President of Rolls-Royce North America, Philip Harnett, Product Manager, Wraith, Andrew Thurner, Concept Exterior Designer, the show begins with an informative introduction only to be followed by a Hollywood-like film oozing with curiosity, intrigue, mystery, and longing.


The movie: A man driving through the forest and all that can be heard is the hum. A mansion. A woman. She hears the sound of the Wraith and feels it’s beckoning call. She makes her way outside, the car passes just before her. The camera stalls, then freezes. SHE is the Spirit of Ecstasy and he is the welcoming driver. The movie pauses, the room becomes paralyzed with eyes longing to see the new creation. The screen rises, fog fills the air, trees line both sides of the showroom floor, and in the middle – the brand new WRAITH. Gorgeous. Four and a half years of design and execution, Philip and Andrew share the stories behind the vehicle, the passion and vision to create it, the details and homage to Rolls and Royce, and the pride in it’s completion.  While it was designed and housed in Munich, this beautiful piece of luxury was very well under wraps until now. While glimpses have been given, this is among the first true unveilings around the world and I can assure you, you will begin to crave the new design. It will be released first in Geneva and soon, the world will have access to this gorgeous new model of a classic Rolls Royce that began it all.


With a Wraith that was on the market in 1938, this brand new model really is like nothing Rolls Royce has ever produced. Two toned, sleek, built with luxury and adventure in mind, this is a vehicle that defines sophistication and a healthy dose of “play”. With a 600 horse powered engine (the fasted Rolls Royce EVER built), interior lighting that creates an ambiance only synonymous with the luxury of a Rolls, the delicate craftsmanship of the inlaid wood lining the interior side panels, the elongated nose, and the sleek rear design – you can’t help but find the beautiful sensuality behind this newly designed Model of WRAITH. In fact if you look closely, from the front, it looks as if a man is grasping on to a woman. THIS is pure sexy with a hearty influx of power, elegance, style, and the exquisite quality known only to Rolls Royce. Limited release, this car will be priced beginning at $250,000. Trust me, it’s worth every penny.

Before the world gets to see it a thousand people were invited to feast their eyes on the brand new WRAITH – several reveals were planned around the world and it was an absolute honor to be among them.

Thank you to Mitch Anderson and Sahar S. Manley of Ogara Coach, Westlake for invigorating my senses and making me fall madly in love with this newly inspired Rolls Royce, the WRAITH. For further inquiries, please contact Sahar S. Manley at:

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History of the WRAITH by Rolls Royce

File:SC06 1939 Rolls-Royce Wraith Limousine.jpg

The Rolls-Royce Wraith was built by Rolls-Royce at their Derby factory from 1938 to 1939 and supplied to independent coachbuilders as a running chassis.

The in-line six cylinder, overhead valve, 4257 cc engine was based on that of the 25/30 but featured a cross-flow cylinder head. The four speed gearbox had synchromesh on second, third and fourth speeds and retained the traditional right hand change.[1]

The Wraith featured an independent coil sprung front suspension based on a Packard 120 retaining semi elliptical leaf springs on the rear axle. The hydraulic dampers at the front had their damping rate controlled by governor and so varied with the speed of the car, making it superior to its predecessor, the 25/30 H.P. and on par with the Phantom III. The car was still built on a separate chassis but this was now of welded rather than the traditional riveted construction. The drum brakes were assisted by a mechanical servo driven by the engine patented by Hispano-Suiza and built by Rolls-Royce under licence. Wire wheels of 17 inch diameter were fitted, with the spokes usually covered by removable discs. A built in hydraulic jacking system was fitted operated by a lever under the passenger seat.

The car could reach 85 mph (137 km/h) but this was very dependent on the weight and style of body fitted. On test by “The Motor” magazine in October 1938 a 0-50 mph time of 16.4 seconds was recorded.

In 1938 the chassis cost £1100 and a typical touring car £1700 complete. 492 chassis were made. Although chassis were only produced in 1939, cars bearing 1940 or later delivery and registration dates are not uncommon. Some cars were finished off during early 1940. Others were held in storage and sold and first registered during the war years. A few were actually bodied during wartime. In addition, 16 prewar chassis were bodied in early 1946 and duly delivered to the government. The final Wraith was delivered in 1947.