Fashion Report DENIM

Fashion Report DENIM

by Ali Levine and the ALD Team


Hey Fashionistas!

Fashion Friday is here and of course we needed to talk about Fall trends for women!!!! When you’re shopping for fall you always want to make sure you get a few key “staple” pieces for your wardrobe that you can wear consistently and interchange with the appropriate shirt, dress, etc etc. So let’s get to it!


1. Pullover Sweater: You can wear these on a chilly summer night and easily transition it to fall! So easy to put on and dress up and it down. Perfect fall accessory.



Love Sweater, Hope, $325.00

2. Long V-Neck Cardigan: Need something to throw on over your shirt and just look cute? This is the perfect sweater for school. We suggest getting them in a bright color-like violet or mustard yellow, or a nice pattern/print.



le mont st. michel cardigan by Madewell, $275.99

3. Denim: Ah yes, denim. We love it! The most important piece in your fall wardrobe. Stick to darker colors that lenghthen and trim your legs.

5695_clean_indigo_rag and bonel

Legging- Clean Indigo, Rag & Bone, $242.00


Charlie Super Skinny Jean, Lucky Brand, $99.00

4. The windbreaker: It’s not quite time to buy the peacoat–but you definitely something to keep you warm! Stick to earth tones–browns, grays, greens, etc.


jacketragand bone

Bastion Jacket, Rag & Bone $795.00

5. Tote: Forget the backpack! Think leather and classic colors (or maybe even bright for a fun pop of color) for your carry-on.



Camden Tote, Madewell, $218.00

tote rag & bone

Medium Pilot-Studded Black, Rag & Bone, $795.00


6. Booties: Before you graduate to the boot, check out the bootie–with the cute heel and ankle length, you’ll be totally mobile!



Pennyline, Steve Madden, $149.95

7. Chambray Shirt/Denim Jacket: These pieces can definitely be transported into fall from your summer wardrobe! Think lighter colors to be paired with your darker denim!


Western Jean Shirt in Desert Willow Wash, Madewell, $88.00


1969 Denim Jacket, Gap, $69.95

There you have it dolls! What are your favorite fall trends? Let us know @AliLevineDesign #TrendsTues #falltrends #team_ALD!!!!


Fashionably yours!


Ali and Team ALD