November GIVEAWAY No.1

ATOD Magazine’s November GIVEAWAY!


Official Giveaway No. 1


Want to win a copy of The New Food Lover’s Companion?

Thanks to Barron’s Educational Series, ATOD Magazine has been given 3 copies to giveaway to our readers.

How to WIN:

Send me a photo of your favorite homemade recipe and a list of ingredients.

The most tasty, innovative and fun will win the 1st copy!

DEADLINE is Friday, November 20th.

As a food lover, chef supporter, and believer in fresh quality ingredients, this book is what I lovingly refer to as the FOOD BIBLE that is one of the greatest culinary references to any food, chef, cook, recipe seeker.


The Food Lover’s Companion – Fifth Edition


Working with Barron’s Educational Series as a writer and editor is something I value beyond words. They provide resources in education that fosters curiosity and provide fundamentals to anyone willing to look. They have allotted the Magazine 3 copies of the book to giveaway to OUR READERS!

Reply here or on the Facebook thread at so everyone can take part in it.




The fifth edition of this widely praised and highly esteemed reference guide has been updated with new information to reflect the way we eat in today’s world. The authors have taken into account our healthier lifestyles and more diverse palates to include:

  1. Over 500 new listings, including Korean, Persian, and South American additions
  2. Updated information for hundreds of existing entries
  3. A blood alcohol concentration chart for men and women
  4. An extensive breakdown of food labels and nutritional facts
  5. Department of Agriculture recommendations for a 2,000 calorie per day food planAmong the myriad foods and culinary subjects defined and explained are cooking tools and techniques, meat cuts, breads, pastas, and literally everything else related to good food and enjoyable dining. Handy appendices cover many topics including suggestions for substituting recipe ingredients, a microwave oven conversion chart, recommended safe cooking temperatures for meats and fish, and much more.
  6. The New Food Lover’s Companion is a reference guide–not a cookbook–but it includes hundreds of cooking tips plus an extensive bibliography of recommended cookbooks.
  7. More than 7200 entries plus line art are included in this seminal work.


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