The Virtual World

Experiencing the world by walking into a museum, sitting together at a crowded bar, gathering to listen to live music, or travel to those places you’ve yet to explore those are things we never knew we’d take for granted but we did. And our current global crisis is the reminder.

I often imagine what life will be like when that very first local bar opens. Strangers happily gathering as if they’ve been living in darkness for months. Smiles painted across their faces, a beautiful look of intrigue dancing along their entire being, and conversation oozing out with such delightful ease that none of us will ever forget how good it feels just to sit beside another human and not have to be six feet apart.

This time in self-assigned, government regulated “isolation” has had its moments of deep longing for social norms to return. Being on day 33, I find that my need to re-shift my focus and awaken creativity, innovation, productivity, and stress relief is at its peak.

I feel like these days we must spend more time thinking about how the world once was and how marvelous it will be when it comes back to life again than we do about much else. Perhaps the world will finally learn the art of kindness, compassion, unity, the importance of being there for another, and celebrate our differences and uniqueness.

And I hope the hate, the anger, the political animosity, the global warfare, economic deficiencies, social injustices, human rights violations, environmental abuse, and divisive tactics that have torn us apart as a human race will begin to dissipate and a new world will rise. One that protects innocence, celebrates creativity, respects religious differences, honors equality, and bridges the humanity bridge that exemplifies what beautiful and great things we’re capable of when we give into love, community, and hope.

That’s when the promise of the future will surely shine.

So while we patiently wait for that endless curve to flatten, may we take solace in the many happy and inspiring outlets so many people have offered from cocktail slinging and cooking demos, art museum and gallery tours, free concerts, webinars, online courses, and silly videos of people utilizing humor to push through.

When you want to open your mind and read some incredible stories, check out The Social Distance Project.

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Below is a look at several fun people worth following when you want to learn how to make a cocktail, mocktail, smoothie or otherwise and a slew of cooking demos that will keep you busy while you’re stuck at home hoping for the announcement of being free!

As a side note, my hopeful solution for eating and drinking in the company of other humans goes something like this:

Bars + eateries open. They allow us to schedule appointments in 60-90 minute increments, all at a safe distance but able to talk to one another in the same shared space. I can only assume given social media posts, the world is ready for basic socializing to return ever so steadily. But until gathering as a people is permitted, enjoy these fantastic humans making day-to-day quarantine less troublesome. There are plenty of chefs offering online tutorials for free, but there are also affordable courses starting from $10 at Chefs Feed which is a chance to support local chefs in your city.

FREE| Cocktails, humor, and food: Chef Stuart O’Keefe Mixologist Pamela Wiznitzer
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April 16 | Chef Jamie Lynch

Duck Mole Taco Bombs, $20

“I will show you my go-to Mole Rojo recipe that I love with braised duck legs. Feel free to tweak it and substitute chicken, beef, pork or even lamb with this sauce. Any variation will be mind-blowing.”

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April 23 | Chef Alexis Butters

Interactive Cooking Course, $20

Chef Butters’ unique culinary perspective is informed by her travels and her Afro-Caribbean heritage.

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His introvert battery is fully charged. My extrovert battery is close to dead. The struggle is very real.

My Energizer Hunny

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When you want to just say screw it and indulge in some damn fine funny, these days “safer at home” seems to have erupted in some incredibly witty and wonderful displays of people with a wicked sense of humor. The picks below are continually amusing and perfectly crass.

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Chris Mann sings Adele

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Julie Nolke | Past Self

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Another funny one: Heather McMahan as Barefoot Contessa,

And for two oldies but goodies that just makes you happy:

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Art is by far the most beautiful way to connect to ones vulnerabilities and in the absence of being able to wander aimlessly through museums and galleries, the art world has not forsaken you and your need to feel connected.

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The Louvre in Paris, British Museum in London, and Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam are offering virtual tours.

The Albright-Knox Museum in Buffalo, New York has a solution to your boredom as well with adults and kids creative at-home art projects to keep your mind busy and your imagination at play.

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Day 9 of quarantine with my parents:
My mother calls my afternoon snack of an apple with peanut butter “unnecessary calories”.
Disrespect the apple, sure. But peanut butter? That I can not tolerate.

your mom is an unnecessary calorie

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I think it’s an understatement to say the notion of traveling is one that we’re all missing desperately. It feels a bit like we’ve been stripped of our freedoms to move around the world with ease and curiosity, and the travel industry is getting clever in terms of bringing the world to you.

The sea, the great unifier, is man’s only hope. Now, as never before, the old phrase has a literal meaning: we are all in the same boat.

—Jacques Cousteau

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Regardless of where you are in your quarantine journey, the one collective certainty is you are not alone. Sure, we’re more like species stuck in boxes for a while, but there has never been a greater opportunity to realize humanity is not separated by race, religion, finances, politics, jobs, or ability… we are one species all navigating through this as together. May we never forget how much we need each other, because when the world releases the “pause” button and life resumes, it will never be the same again.

This is our time to rise to the occasion and practice kindness, compassion, empathy, and togetherness. Let’s ditch everything that separates us and instead tap into the best of what we’re capable of. Love is within us all, and perhaps this is our time to heed the call.