A Little Bit Of Latte

AUSTIN: A Little Bit Of Latte

A fully caffeinated piece shot by Kevin Curtis©


A Latte can be a sacred thing. From the perfection of the frothing to the ease of the espresso and the happy marriage that separates it from being an every day cappuccino. A latte is a big deal. As someone who loves the perfect latte with just the right amount of frothing on top and a healthy heart of creamy milky goodness, I’m a bit of a latte critic. Sadly, like many, we are forced to do a Starbucks run for coffee that lacks the heart and nurturing you get from a REAL cup o’joe. It is what is is … $25 dollars later. Either way, a bartista – a really good barista – is an artist in their own right. They are responsible for the perfect cup of coffee (and let’s face it, these days, the orders and “personal preferences” are a bit out of hand). Me, I keep it simple. I like a latte with nonfat milk and raw sugar. “Wet” if possible (this just means I like more milk than foamy froth). I want to taste the actual coffee rather than drown it in chocolate or simple syrup or some other unnatural form of “altered state”. In essence, I’m a latte purist.


That said, when I heard that Austin’s, Thunderbird Cafe & Tap Room was doing the “Big Damn Latte Art Competition” I was elated to send in my resident photographer, Kevin Curtis to stir things up and capture the moments. (And yes, I’m pretty sure he was up for two days straight on a caffeine high.)


 “Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better.”


As Austin continues to intrigue me with the level of creative events and quality food, drink, and overall imagination, it seems like the Thunderbird Cafe & Tap Room is really kicking off our introduction to them in all the right ways. With the motto of “Coffee & Beer” and the simple response that those are their two favorite drinks (yes, coffee and beer), it’s easy to understand why they are an Austin must-see. With humor and an uncompromising approach to selecting truly local and direct trade coffees, what you got at the Big Damn Latte Art Competition was coffee swagger (and rightfully so).



1401 W Koenig Ln | Austin, TX 78756

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1st Annual | September 19, 2014 – Thunderbird Café & Tap Room invites Austin-area latte aficionados to participate in their inaugural Latte Art Competition the evening of Friday, September 19. This is the largest latte art competition in history of Texas and will showcase thirty-two competitors battling it out head-to-head bracket-style format with the highest scoring contestant advancing to the next round. Contestants will be judged on aesthetic appeal and will have three minutes to artfully whip up one drink for the judges, including Michael Vaclav, owner of Cafe Medici and two additional local personalities and coffee aficionados to be announced later. The ultimate champion will win a 65-inch flat screen TV and mount. The 2-5th place prizes total a $1,000 additional value. Spectators are invited to watch the competition while enjoying one of the thirty-five selections from Thunderbird Café & Tap Room’s rotating tap wall. Registration for the competition is limited to the first thirty-two applicants and requires a $15 registration fee. Competitors can sign up by emailing ryanmcelroy@gmail.com.

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Thunderbird Café & Tap Room is a modern café & tap room that is a casual neighborhood favorite in the popular Brentwood/Crestview neighborhood of north Austin. Specializing in high-quality, direct-trade coffees and fine craft beers, Thunderbird Café & Tap Room’s rotating menu (thirty-four beers and one cider) boasts the second largest selection of beers on tap in the 78756 zip code. Thunderbird Café & Tap Room also serves baked goods, sandwiches and a variety of hot and iced coffee and espresso drinks. Thunderbird Café & Tap Room is the perfect place to enjoy a drink with friends, either inside the café or on the spacious outdoor patio. Thunderbird Café & Tap Room is located at 1401 Koenig Ln., Austin, 78756. For additional information, please visitwww.thunderbirdaustin.com




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