National Tequila Day

National Tequila Day {July 24th}


[dropcap letter=”A”] day that celebrates the curious spirit, Tequila, that is both sexy and dangerous! Made from the distillation of the blue agave plant that flourishes in Mexico in the city of Tequila {in Jalisco} where the red volcanic soil is ideal for thriving (and over 300 million plants are harvested every year), this week, mixologists from New York to Los Angeles pay homage – and – share their recipes with you!

With a brand new program from DeLeón Tequila, a new cocktail program at OPM, and a slew of Taqueria’s across the country pulling out the stops, this year, it’s going to be something quite, dare I say … seductive! #ATODTequila

How do you … TEQUILA?!

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New York City {Extra Fancy}

“Peach Colored Glasses” by Meaghan Montagano

Extra Fancy_Meahgan Montagano




1.5 oz. DeLeòn Platinum Tequila

1 oz. Grand Marnier Raspberry Peach

.75 oz. spiced honey syrup

.5 oz. lemon juice

.5 oz. peach puree

Sparkling brut rose

Shake DeLeòn Tequila, Grand Marnier, syrup, lemon and peach puree over ice and top with a splash of sparkling brut rose.


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Los Angeles {Sassafrass Saloon}

“La Caifana” by Karen Grill

Sassafras Saloon_La Caifana


  • 1.5 oz. DeLeòn Platinum Tequila
  • .5 oz. La Nina Primario
  • .75 oz. pineapple chili shrib
  • .5 oz. line juice
  • Shaved cinnamon

Add all ingredients but cinnamon to shaker tin and shake vigorously over ice. Strain over fresh ice into a rocks glass. Shave cinnamon over top and garnish with pineapple wedge and jalapeno slice.

Sassafras Saloon_Karen Grill

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This Thursday, DeLeón introduces its newest initiative, the #NextLevelOrder program featuring secret “off-the-menu” cocktails made with DeLeón Platinum. Partnering with nationally renowned mixologists starting in NYC, LA, and Miami, exclusive cocktail creations inspired by this magical spirit will be available to those “in the know” through the month of August.

DeLeón has partnered with these Los Angeles Mixologists: Karen Grill of Sassafras SaloonAidan Demarest of BarToni’s and Juan Martinez of Toca Madera {See out Tasty Tequila Recipes article}.

Each of the cocktails is a masterpiece created by the mixologist drawing inspiration from the intricately nuanced flavor of DeLeón Platinum Tequila. Un-aged and unrivaled in finish, DeLeón Platinum, made from 100% Highland Blue Weber agave, is a provocative Blanco with a rich, complex agave hone that is slow-fermented and twice-distilled.

DeLeón Tequila is made from the finest 100% Highland Blue Weber agave sourced from the rich earth of the Los Altos region of Jalisco.

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New York City {Palm Court at the Plaza Hotel}

“Lost Horizon” by James Menite

The Plaza_Lost Horizon



2 oz. DeLeòn Platinum Tequila

1 oz. Perfect Puree papaya puree

1 whole egg

.5 oz. simple syrup

2 dashes Regan’s Orange Bitters

Freshly grated nutmeg

5 dried cranberries and orange peel


In a Koriko shaker, shake 1 whole egg for 1 minute vigorously to emulsify. Add ice and all other ingredients, incorporate with a second shake, then double strain ingredients into a chilled Coupe. Add 5 dried cranberries and orange peel for garnish with freshly grated nutmeg. Enjoy deliciousness.


The Plaza_James Menite

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Orange County {OPM Restaurant}

“The Mezcal Sour”



  • ½ ounce Cointreau
  • ¼ ounce Ancho Reyes Liqueur
  • ½ ounce Ancho Spice Rim
  • 1 egg white
  • 1 ounce Mezcal Tequila

Using Mezcal, known as tequila’s agave cousin, The Mezcal Sour has a smokier, more rustic flavor. Rimmed with Ancho Spice for an added hint of spice.


In honor of National Tequila DayOPM Restaurant & Lounge is sharing 3 new tequila-based craft cocktails (We’ve picked ONE to share with you). OPM recently opened their doors in Huntington Beach. Known for their specialty craft cocktails, OPM focuses on using only seasonal and fresh ingredients for all of their drinks. Whether a tequila enthusiast or casual drinker, this cocktail will have you wishing every day was National Tequila Day.

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On The Cover | MIAMI {Regent Cocktail Club}

“Cobbleone” by Richie Petronzi


  • 2 oz. DeLeòn Platinum Tequila
  • 1 oz. lemon juice
  • 1 oz. agave syrup
  • .5 oz Amontillado Sherry
  • .5 oz. Pedro Ximenez Sherry

Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker except for the Pedro Ximenez Sherry. Shake well and pour into a double old fashioned glass. Top with crushed ice and float Pedro Ximenez Sherry on top. Garnish with blackberries and raspberries.

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