Fun Finds GIFT Ideas

A Taste of Dawn

Fun Finds GIFT Ideas

This year as the holidays creep back into our lives (and I still can’t figure out how we are already in October!), we wanted to come up with some gift ideas that were a bit out of the norm. Below are our Editorial picks for something a little more … unique.


Cups that not only are biodegradable, they are EDIBLE! A newly coined phrase called: BIODEGREDIBLE. This is a product that not only works at any high end – and well planned – event, it’s smart and the 2 women behind it have the passion, drive, know-how and design background to make a quality product. So what is it? Flavored cups … YOU CAN EAT! (Seriously) I saw this on Shark Tank and couldn’t resist.


COST: $11.99 USD (4-Pack)

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Harold Imports Robot Tea Infuser

This funny and functional robot tea infuser comes from Harold Imports. The arms are adjustable to suspend the tea infuser over any size cup or mug for steeping. It is made of stainless steel and comes with a little tray to hold the infuser after use.

Loose Tea Infuser Features

  • Hand-wash loose tea infuser after use
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Loose tea infuser from Harold Imports
  • Humorous monkey tea infuser design
  • Robot’s arms are adjustable which makes it a hanging tea infuser fitting any size cup

A Taste of Dawn

$11.00 USD

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Bow Tie + Fedora

I’m a big fan of a man with style. While watching Shark Tank, a product came around that was so genuinely unique, it was tough not to see the Dapper Dan in it all. Black Wood Brimmed Fedora w/ wooden bow tie, Floyd.


A Taste of Dawn

$235.00 USD

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Brave Chick™ Bohemian Hoops

Manifest | Bohemian artists in the 19th century were known as “unknown dreamers.” The first generations of bohemians were predominantly bourgeois youths on their own in Paris, trying out an independent, artistic life for the first time. So channel your inner Bohemian dreamer, wear your Brave Chick Bohemian Hoops and embody the artistic life!

  • Handmade
  • Available in non-tarnish gold plated or silver plated wire

Standard shipping: 8-12 business days; contact us for faster shipping options.

A Taste of Dawn




TITLE | Audrey Tiffany Blue
MEDIUM | Limited Edition Giclee print on canvas
SIZE | 28 x 40 inches
SPECIFICS | {Edition of 250} | Hand Signed  | Unframed

A Taste of Dawn



For The Win | The GARWOOD Watch

Make his slip into time with a bit more style and a whole lot of consciousness.


The moment The Garwood landed in Bali, Indonesia, he knew he had found someplace special. Inspired by the dark endless nights in Bali’s favorite party spot, the beach city of Kuta, The Garwood pays his respects the best way he knows how by creating the “Kuta” watch. “Kuta” is a unique watch made from dark and durable sandalwood grown in Indonesia. “Terima kasih” means thank you in Indonesian and The Garwood thanks this magical paradise. Terima kasih Kuta!

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Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 1.53.58 PM



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