Cannabis Cooks

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When cannabis becomes a societal “do”.

Hearing about cannabis in cuisine has become more prominent than talking about the latest version of crazy coming out of the White House. No matter how you look at it or where you stand, it stirs up something curious within and makes you want to unravel its gripping wonder one cannabis leaf at a time. So in an effort to want to escape the world and do so in a relatively informed space, turning to Pop Cultivate is a welcomed friend. What is Pop Cultivate? Glad you asked. Pop Cultivate is a resource for diners looking for chefs all around the Southern California area that specialize in cannabis and unique cooking. From street food to highly acclaimed (all puns intended) fare, Pop Cultivate is taking some of the guess work out of hiring cannabis chefs and cooks.

cover photo by Foodio | photos below by PopCultivate

Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table is a widely used restaurant marketing term, but at PopCultivate, we do not take the term lightly. This dinner event is to show case our chef’s innovations and experimental dishes. This is where we test new flavors profiles (yuzu-miso-spicy mustard), new techniques (spherification, foams, and powders), and new culinary concepts.”

While it seems like a long ways away, booking these Chef’s Table dinners from their personal series is something you won’t want to miss. Take a look at the dates and locations below and book something you know is worth looking forward to …

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**To preserve the menu integrity by the chef, we politely decline all requests for alternatives and substitutes. All events are 21+ events


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All food is made WITHOUT cannabis. Pop Culture chefs are determined to give you food the way it’s meant to taste, with all of the naturalness intended. You are totally allowed to skip the cannabis infusion, but you also have the option during your dinner to let them know you’re feeling a little more adventurous. Cannabis can be infused throughout the night, per your preference, as long as its prior to the plating.

Reservations available |
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