Headwind Vodka Quarantine Cocktails

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Quarantine got you down? Need to be reminded that spring is actually upon us and the promise of sandy beaches and sun are around the corner? Yah, us too.

So instead of wallowing in the fact that beaches and vacations seem a century away, make your home your new hangout—but less depressing. Print up some tropical photos of those swanky, carefree, islands you’ve always wanted to visit, photos of you and your mates or best girl slamming down cocktails, and travel into the blissful state of a happy libation. At the designated space on your couch.

The history of vodka dates back to 1405 in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Vodka is a diminutive form of the Slavic word voda (meaning “water”). “Little water” first appeared in Eastern Europe, and in 1553 it was used as medicine in Russia.

Traditionally, vodka is made by distilling liquid from potatoes, but its manufacturing has since evolved to include other grains such as corn, rice, and oats. It’s a drink best served icy cold, and Portland brand Headwind Vodka (headwindvodka.com), founded by Jason Dyke, is crafting cocktails that go down easy. The brand distills the spirit six times and filters it twice, removing that ethanol burn. Rest assured its 40 percent alcohol volume is tried and true, says Dyke.

Headwind shares recipes for some tasty cocktails as April launches us into a new season. All cocktails can be made with the vodka of your choice, but this month we’re celebrating the Pacific Northwest with Headwind.


Let us drink, let us laugh, and let us revel in the fresh blooms of April with a good stiff drink!”

–A. Mixologist Somewhere


PHOTO CREDIT @highproofpreacher | This article first appeared as a work-for-hire in Sensi Magazine, April 2020 by Eli Dupin
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2 ounces Headwind vodka

3 ounces grapefruit juice

1 ounce cranberry syrup (Try Raft Botanicals Cranberry 5 Spice Syrup)

3 ounces soda water

Lime wedge or fresh floral

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  • Add vodka, grapefruit juice, and cranberry syrup into a shaker with ice and shake.
  • Strain into a Collins or martini glass with ice, and top with soda water.
  • Garnish with a lime wedge or a fresh floral.
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2 parts Headwind Vodka

.5 part dry vermouth

Dash of orange bitters

Lemon twist

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  • Fill glass with ice and swirl glass until chilled. Discard ice. Add vodka and vermouth.
  • Add dash of orange bitters and finish with a lemon twist.
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[title maintitle=”SPARKLES + BLOOD” subtitle=”Refreshing And Kinda Healthy”]


Servings: 1



2 ounces Headwind Vodka

4 ounces club soda

Bitters to taste (try something fun like cardamom bitters)

Slice of lime

Edible floral (optional)



  • In a glass full of ice, combine vodka and soda, and stir.
  • Add bitters and slice of lime or an edible floral.
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There’s something wonderful about drinking in the afternoon. A not-too-cold pint, absolutely alone at the bar – even in this fake-a** Irish pub.”

—Anthony Bourdain

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Servings: Four

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2 parts Headwind Vodka⁠⠀

4 parts tomato juice⁠

2 dashes Tabasco sauce (or your favorite hot sauce)⁠⠀

1 tsp prepared creamy horseradish⁠⠀

2 dashes Worcestershire sauce⁠⠀

1 pinch black pepper⁠

Lime wedge


Sliced cucumber

Cocktail onion

*Sliced chorizo salami

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1 pinch celery salt⁠⠀

1 pinch garlic salt⁠⠀

1/2 teaspoon paprika⁠⠀

1 teaspoon Kosher salt⁠⠀

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  • For the drink, mix the first six ingredients into a pitcher and stir until combined.
  • Add juice of lemon wedge.
  • For the glass rim, mix all ingredients and place onto a plate. Dip the top of each glass in water (or rub with leftover lemon wedge to make it sticky) then place the rim in the salt mixture.
  • Fill each glass with ice and pour in drink mix.
  • For garnish, skewer a lime wedge, olive, slice of cucumber, and cocktail onion (not pictured).⁠
  • *You can add chorizo salami to the skewer, or to keep it vegan, omit.


Headwind Vodka, New Craft Spirit from The Pacific Northwest ...

About Headwind

Headwind Craft FWD Pacific Northwest Vodka starts with high-quality, gluten-free, corn-based grain distilled and filtered through Pacific Northwest timber. The result is a smooth, crisp sip of the Northwest. Each bottle of Headwind vodka is wrapped in birch wood and hand-labeled with individual batch numbers, bottle numbers, and bottling date. @headwindvodka