A Taste of Dawn


“To the Artists + Visionaries around the world, thank YOU for allowing me to tell your story and take our readers on this journey…”

– Dawn Garcia

“Thank you … You may very well have the longest and most insightful Louis Carreon interview on record.”

Benjamin Greenfield
Revolver Group, CEO

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“Love all of the positivity, the world could really do with a lot more people with such a positive outlook on life and such a passion for what you do.

I’m so flattered by all of your kind words! It’s beautifully put together and I can’t thank you enough. It really is a great boost in confidence so early in my career to have people like yourself saying such nice things and really getting my work.”
Benjamin Cleary
Writer, Director, Filmmaker
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“What an amazingly heartfelt, pure & true interview that is! Your writing flows so nicely and is such a pleasure to read …”
Founder, Creative Director, Designer at BAREMADE
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“Dawn Garcia does with words what so many artists try to accomplish visually. She writes and we instantly see visuals in our minds. She has a rare understanding of art and has a wonderful way of carrying the artist’s message to her readers. She may even see something in my work that I had not yet noticed. I have rarely felt so captivated by worlds written about my own work as I did with her article on me. Many old me it was the most heartfelt article they had read on my work.
I always look forward to reading her next story and feel her outreach should be multiplied to millions of readers.”
Creative Director, Producer, Photographer for Lenny Kravtiz
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“Love this! Thank you so much!”

Chef Brian Malarkey

Chef + Restaurateur

“Reading A Taste of Dawn is like having lunch with a sophisticated friend who is smarter than you, who knows all the cool kids, and is nice enough to introduce you to them. As a chef, I have to say that I truly enjoy Dawn’s unique take on the world of food, dining and chefs….. she understands both the art and the stagecraft of what we do. If you’re a food lover (and who isn’t?)  she won’t steer you wrong.”


Deborah Schneider

Executive Chef of SOL Cocina & Author of 5 cookbooks


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“I love the way you write …your passion for our industry really comes through in your words.”

Paul McCabe

Executive Chef of Kitchen 1540, Declicias


“I love the write up on Tyson Cole. He’s fantastic with an incredible lack of ego! An odd find in our field for sure. Kudos, to you and all you do for the culinary community!!”

Chef Trevor Tanner


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“What a flattering and beautiful review of Rancho Las Lomas! Dawn, I cannot thank you enough for being so generous with your kind words of support. With your unique writer’s style you perfectly captured the essence of how my family and I feel about our little piece of heaven. Everyday we feel blessed when guests, and friends like you, leave the Ranch with lasting and wonderful impressions. No detail was missed nor left off of your written page, except one … we were able to share a special day with you, too. Again, thank you.”


Jeannie Lawrence

Owner and Operator of Rancho Las Lomas


“You re-tweeting my newsletter upped the views on it by like 1,000! Thank you so much! Such an influence you are! xoxo”


Chef Monica Mandaro Little

Seasonal Creations


“Very impressed with your review style. Enjoyed reading, as your description really made me feel like I was there. A yelp friend asked me if we’d been to Nirvana, and that’s what got me to reading their reviews. I’m going to bookmark this place for the near future.”


Al S.

Laguna Beach, Yelp!


“A Taste of Dawn takes food to an all new level. No longer just sitting back to merely critique the food, she delves straight into a world of story and shares the experience and adventures in the world of fine fare with you.”

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