Visual Culinary Prose

When fare becomes poetry: Two weeks of divine tastings …

photos by Dawn Garcia




Above is how I started my journey. The beautiful Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica.

While we gear up for a multitude of tastings and posts, I figured I’d give you a little visual stimulation of just what I’ve been eating:


FOUR SEASONS, Beverly Hills (Culina Restaurant)


1. Tricolore salad w steak
2. Salmon salad
3. Rigatoni w fennel sausage
4. Latte w soy

What sets them apart? Warming the requested honey for coffee without having to ask. Well done Four Seasons BH.

FourSeasonsBH2 FourSeasonsBH4 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3


ACE HOTEL, Downtown Los Angeles (LA Chapter Restaurant)

And these are just the starters!!

1. Homemade ricotta w fig.
2. Amberjack Crudo
3. Shishito Peppers
4. Grilled Octopus
5. Sweet n Spicy Brussel Sprouts


Part 2. Dinner – Scallops and Steak. Unpretentious, swimming in sophistication, awakening my palate in bliss

Part 3. Dessert + our accompanying bottle of 2012 Boom Boom Syrah



Chile crab cake, lamb belly, Brussel sprouts w bacon/pancetta


Komodo, Santa Monica

Best $3 taco I’ve ever had!

Komodo Komodo2


Ebanos Crossing, Downtown Los Angeles



A Bar Menu Sampling: Oysters, Goat Tacos, Empanadas, Pork Jalapeño Sliders

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