Humanity Needs a Hero

LIFE: Humanity Needs a Hero

Issue No. 6


Humanity is in need of a little reprieve. A reason to remember that we are all connected. So while this week we explored the many sides of living, film, travel, and friendly competition, we felt it necessary to engage in a little thoughtful conversation:

Life is in EVERYTHING. Translation: Passion is alive and well.


“When asked why I started ATOD Magazine: A Taste of Dawn, admittedly it was never intended to become my life’s work. BUT – shortly after it became a Digital Magazine, it’s purpose became far clearer. I wanted to create something that showed that we are connected through the beauty of creativity whether in a plate of fare, a sip of wine, a piece of art, a soulful song, a daring film, a transformative photograph or merely exploring the world around you. To me, it is the diversity of culture in this world that makes it worth living. I revel in a world that isn’t about sameness but rather one that embraces the idea that singularity and individuality is the one pure link that brings us all together.”

– Dawn Garcia, CEO | Editor


Tablet HotelsHumanity does need a hero. I mean we are remaking every Superhero movie that can be made … and we are humanizing them. They are no longer intangible ideas of a person. No, now our heroes stand for the very things we believe in and it’s kind of refreshing. So this week, I’d like to encourage each and every one of you to jump – no, LEAP – out of your comfort zones. Go do something totally un-YOU. Go do something on that #BucketList of yours. Oh come on, life isn’t stopping for anyone so


1. Just get up and try that spontaneous dance in the middle of a crowded room!

2. Go try some grilled bugs!

3. Go swim naked in the ocean … just watch out for those summer ocean friends!

4. Go do that workout you keep saying you don’t have time for.

5. Take that vacation to “wherever” – you know, that you keep putting off.

6. Take your kids on that rollercoaster you’re petrified of.

7. Go on, wear that dress.

8. Finish that story. That book. That screenplay.

9. Eat a really decadent, expensive meal. Everyone should!

10. Look in the mirror and that reflection staring back at you? Tell it one simple thing: YOU CAN MAKE THE WORLD A MORE BEAUTIFUL PLACE. Yes, you can.


*Ever want to see LISBON, Portugal?



What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least do something remarkable?



– john green


And … BE the Hero!


1. Help someone cross the street.

2. Stick up for the kid getting picked on.

3. Support your partner, your spouse.

4. Go to the movie you DON’T want to go because the person you care about really wants to go.

5. Go visit the local Police Station and just say “THANK YOU!”

6. Blow your kids mind by being a goofball with them.

7. Go buy a piece of art from a friend – even if you don’t like it.

8. Go do something totally SELFLESS!

9. Fill up a stranger’s gas tank … just because.

10. Smile at everyone you see because I guarantee you you will make their day.      


The thing is, life isn’t getting any longer or moving any less fast so spread the word! Go be a Hero. Go Take CHANCES! Life is full of wonder and beauty and every opportunity to see something absolutely breathtaking in the simplest of things. Be a kid. Stop being judgmental. Stop being afraid. And for crying out loud, LIVE!

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